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  1. I am new to 3D printing so please forgive any lack of information poster here. A friend of mine asked to me try printing some dice. So I thought I would try to print a d20. My problem is that no matter what I do, I still get a "stair" like structure on the bottom of the dice, where the support is being generated. I've tried changing many different settings, none of which seem to help. Any ideas would be appreciated. I know that printing a d20 is hard. The following settings have solved most of the overhang warping/bubbling. The "steps" are still present even for different layer heights, support structure and print termperatures. I have a Monoprice Mini Select V2 using PLA. Printing temp: 190 Print speed : 25 Bed temp : 60 Layer Height : 0.0875 Wall line count 4 Support density : 40% Enable support interface : True Support interface thickness : 0.6 mm Support z distance : 0.15 mm
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