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  1. Finally fixed my issue by deleting the cura/4.6 path in %AppData% and then uninstalling and reinstalling again. In the process I lost my configuration settings. 😠 I find it incredibly annoying to open Cura and see "UPGRADE TO 4.6.1 YOU DEFINITELY WON'T REGRET IT". Every. Single. Time. I'm this close to blocking Cura's internet access so it never knows when there's an update. /rant
  2. Cura doesn't start. Goes to the splash screen and hangs, then I have to force quit. Rebooting doesn't fix the issue. Uninstalling and Re-Installing does not fix the issue. Cura has always taken forever to start, now after 5+ minutes it's still just doing nothing. Any ideas? I don't see any logs or anything, and there's no console error since it just hangs. I wish Cura would behave like a 21st century program and just update in place instead of having to use InstallShield or whatever and patch over top of itself leading to errors like this.
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