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  1. thank you @robinmdh i will try installing the older update. my guess is the newer firmware was optimized for the latest s5 model since they have two different versions of the firmware. that and that the update only disabled the use of my screen and didnt effect the part of the printer that actually handled the printing. i will try to install the older version and do a test print before attempting another large print.
  2. i recently purchased an ultimaker s5 back in january and its been printing fairly consistently for the past couple of months. recently i attempted to do my first large print on the machine (7days) and decided i should update the firmware to the latest version 5.5.12. a few days into the print i got a err998 error and the screen stopped working. after talking to technical support they informed me that this is a common bug with the new firmware (which begs the question why release it then?). my printer was going to run out of filament mid print and since i couldnt access the ui of the printer i
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