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  1. sorry for my late reply, I took a break from the makerspace. I gave it a go to lubricating the bearings and it worked!!!. Thanks for putting time aside for preparing that picture... It really helped. My replacement fan arrived last week too, I will replace it next time the fan fails, but I probably can use the old one for a little longer. Thank you everyone again for all the support!
  2. yes, sorry forget to update here. The nozzle worn off. The 0.4 nozzle widen out to a 0.5. I had it replaced and problem gone.
  3. Hi Torgeir, The printer is a Factory new UM2+ ( We have had it for a few years already, We have a makerspace ,so many people have come and used it along the years). I will have a look at those connections in the back of the printer and revisit again the full fan installation to see if I missed something. If everything is ok, I guess next step is to buy a new fan. Thank you,
  4. I managed to get a few hours of good printing but something started to go wrong with the rear fan. It started to make noises as if it was blocked. I had to abort the print, restart the machine and heat up the nozzle to test the fan (went up to 90 Degrees) but the fan didn't start anymore. I removed the fan and cleaned it properly cause there was way too much dust on it. Connected to external voltage and worked for a few hours properly. I plugged it back into the hot end and heated it up. The fan was working again (better than before :joy:) . However, as soon as I started to print
  5. I have replaced the coupler and everything looks very good now. Thanks for the help again
  6. thank you Torgeir, I do actually bought a few couplers, I will look into it and will replace if needed. Thanks for all the support 😄
  7. the cooling fan looks ok. I have replaced the tube and worked for 30s, then pla stopped coming out the nozzle. I've attached a picture of the PLA at the hot end, feeder looks good.
  8. Hi guys, I've had a couple of issues recently with the ultimaker 2+ that lead to replace the bowden tube. ( I didn't know how hard was to find this replacement till this week). The problem is that I still don't know what failed. I wasn't there when it happened and I'm trying to understand by looking at the scene of the crime 😀 I have added two pictures, one of the end where the feeder grind the PLA and another one on the hot end where It looks like the PLA leaked and built up outside the tube. I have a replacement ready to go but it was expensive to buy and to deliver
  9. Hi everyone, I have recently starting to have wrapping issues when printing anything on the back right side of the bed. Belt tension look good to me. If I place the print towards the left front it is perfect. Any ideas? It happen on any temperature and speed I have tried but this is the last I used: Material: PLA Temperature: 210 Bed Temperature: 60 Speed: 40mm/s Layer height: 0.15 Please find below a picture that hope it helps see the issue, in the picture wrapping hasn't happened yet but there is a clear inconsistency on that side of the b
  10. Hi everyone! I'm trying to print a simple box but I'm running into some weird texture like holes in the right walls and in the interior side of the back wall. I was wondering what It could be related to. Front and left walls are perfect and smooth, you couldn't even feel the layers. I've been searching on internet and I've seen many different things but I can't get my hear around on which one exactly is causing this. The most common things were retraction, temperatures and belt tension. I don't think it can be retraction or temperature because the issue would also be present in the other
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