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  1. I am wondering how to turn off whatever cools down the nozzle that is not being used. I have a Bibo2, and though I see the use for this on bigger projects, when I am printing small objects with two colors, this feature makes the print time doubled, I do not mind having some of one color getting where it shouldn't be as these are insensitive prints, I just dont want something that should be done in four hours taking almost eight goodone.gcode
  2. Thank you, but I thought this might be the case so I let it run until the nozzle would have been needed, but the temperature never raised, and the motor couldn't or just wouldn't push out the filament in the 175* nozzle. due to this, the support wasn't printed, and the model all got stuck to the one hot head (not a big deal, just to show that nozzle one worked as expected).
  3. I have a bibo dual extruder, which is inputted into cura as a non network printer. Both nozzles are set to generic PLA which used to be set permanently to 200* although for some reason now when I save the file to a removable drive it sets the temperature of nozzle 2 to 175 degrees while nozzle 1 stays at 200 degrees. I checked the actual code and it says "M104 T1 S175" rather than the "M104 T1 S200" that I would expect. To fix this, I changed the 175 to 200 on lines 17 and 21, but it only allowed the pre heating to be 200 degrees. I couldn't find any other instances of the 175 so I don't know the cause. I have uninstalled every file related to cura, ended its task and done everything I can, I don't know what else to do.
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