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  1. It does not change it but i think it was the "toplayers 0" " bottom layers 999999" setting that was recommended for printing tabletop minis that caused it. When i use a normal number there it works! Thank you for your support, i was stupid to not see that before but i thought it is the normal behaviour of "Spiralizing Outer Conture" that i saw not a failure from my other settings, i hope you understand.
  2. Hello, here is the generated gcode. AG_Test.gcode And also the print profile if you need it. (it is in an .rar renamed to .zip to be able to upload it here) quality_changes.zip
  3. Ok, thank you. Here is the file from Cura. (I made the model in fusion 360 and exported it in cura first then saved from cura as you wrote me) Test.3mf
  4. Hello i experiment with the "Spiralize Outer Contur" setting and wanted to ask if there is a possibility to make the printhead move in a continuous motion instead of back and forth because for cylinders that are very small or have very small parts it would be beneficial if the layer has more time to cool. (I hope you understand what i mean, with the normal setting the printhead goes to one side to the point it finishes one layer, and then turns to the other side, when it does that it moves over the just extruded filament first. If it could move in the same direction without changin
  5. I found a 2 month old Zip file in the config folder and copied it over, i got nearly all my settings and materials back. Still i do not know what happend but now i know what to backup in case it happens again...
  6. Hello i just started cura and it showed the initial setup screen where you are forced to create a printer. Yesterday everything was fine i had my printer and all my filaments set up as materials. The screenshot attached shows the configuration error message i get now when i start. I did not update or anything from yesterday to today just restart the pc. Maybe a auto update caused this? Is there a way to get the configurations back? I just discovered the last profile (printsettings profile) i used is still there the other ones are lost as well as the saved material
  7. Hello, thank you for your response, i will play with that setting now! Although i think judging by its name this setting will affect infills only and does not change the layer height of internal parts of the model that are part of the model but invisible from the outside.
  8. Hello, i wanted to make a suggestion for a new feature for a future version of Cura. I tried the adaptive layer feature and it is good but not very helpful for most models as it can only change layer heigth on different heigths of a model. If you would programm a function that can make 3 outer lines at lets say 0.1 mm layer height and then 1 inner line with 0.3 mm layer heigth the print would be much faster and the model would look much nicer because all the layers you can see are printed in 0.1 mm layer heigth, the inner ones are hidden anyway. Of cause to you wou
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