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  1. k thanks alot for the help ill try the rep rap one first and if it doesnt work ill try the other
  2. i have another question now for the cura gcode flavour do i use marlin or reprap for that
  3. thanks for the help and im sorry for calling its a shitty program as i said i was pissed at the moment and i should of not sent that msg wile i was mad
  4. never mind i think i got that plugin to work now i still cant connect to it but i was able to use the plugin and add my ip addrfess on there now when i slice the file it gives me an option to print on my duet
  5. also i did what u said already i added it as a non networked custom printer and it does slice the file and i can save the file to my desktop and i can go into duet web control and manually add the file but thats not what i want to do i want to use the program to directly send the sliced file to the duet web control through my ethernet connection
  6. how is it that i type in the ip address and it says could not connect to device and im sorry for saing its a shitty program im mad ive been trying for days
  7. i def will feel free to no use it and ill use slic3r which connects easliy to my duet seems like the program is made just for the ulitimaker and thats it way too much of a hassel to get to work properly i mean ive been at this for days just trying to connect my duet to the thing through ethernet and no luck i download the susposed fix for duets and still nothing
  8. so i installed that plug in and it still wont let me add the printer with the ip address and let me state that it connects fine wtih sli3er and i can use it on the duet web conrol fine
  9. k thanks yes i am talking about that add printer by ip so i download the plug and it should work thanks alot ill try that
  10. So ur saying I need the duet rerap firmware integration thing ??
  11. I type the duet ip address when u want to add a new printer via ethernet
  12. I cant get cura to connect to my duet mastero server I type in the iP address of my board which connects fine btw to my slic3r I'm able to use slic3r fine but I want to use cura as my slicer and it wont even recognize or connect to my board
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