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  1. Yes, tried multiple stl files, including the ubiquitous Benchy straight from the headwaters. Thanks all for the advice and head scratching. Things seem to be working again. Thanks also for the good link with gcode.ws I hadn't seen that before. Honestly I'm not 100% sure what caused the problem. BEST GUESS here is I had a screwey SD card, which would make sense. Good printer? Check. Good GCode? Check. Troubleshooting says the interface between the two is suspect, and I should have gone there immediately. So if anybody else sees this issue, reformat your card and or get o
  2. Hi All, First post here, I've searched for an answer here and found nothing conclusive. I'm working with a fresh install of Cura 4.6.1 on Windows 10 Pro. Encountered this issue after a couple successful prints, and uninstalled/reinstalled Cura fresh. Issue remains. Cura seems to be slicing and generating correct g-code , but preview shows ONLY the TOP layer printing. The actual text of the g-code looks okay to my illiterate eye, or at least there seems to be way more there than just a top layer. Physically at the printer we have the same issue. It homes
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