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  1. Is Marlin the software for ender 3 pro? Not ultimaker cura?
  2. The only problem is that I not sure how to do the gcode because I am making my 3d designs on cura and downloading it but the 3d printer can't read it, how do I make it a gcode?
  3. Yes I am using the SD card that came with the printer is that the issue??
  4. Can I change the setting on my printer to read STL instead of gcode? If so how do I do that?
  5. The only problem is that when I download a file to the SD card the printer can't read it, I am trying other ways how to download load it but the printer can only read gcode file. So maybe I figure that I can use the USB maybe it would be easier I just trying different ways.
  6. Ok thanks wich is easier the SD card or USB cable?
  7. How do I download prints on a Sd card because I have an Ender 3 pro and it’s a desktop printer it’s not wireless.
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