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  1. Yes, it is a full profile. I backed out 4.6.2 and reloaded the 4.6.1 AppImage and the profile appears to be working correctly there. At least I have nozzles and it is able to slice. I am continuing to check it out. I have included a zip of the complete profile from my Win10 machine since it has the resources directory structure. It was created by Eric at https://3d-nexus.com/ SidewinderX1Cura 4.6.1 Profile.zip
  2. bedankt. I suspect the the issue is more related to how it is responding on a Linux platform (ubuntu 20.04). I have attached a screen grab of my Variant's directory and one of the definitions contained in it.... I guess I will not be attaching one of the CFG files because your site does not accept .CFG files. here is the content of the artillery_base_0.4.inst.cfg. Tell if the file is correctly formed. [general] name = 0.4mm Nozzle version = 4 definition = artillery_base [metadata] setting_version = 13 type = variant hardware_type = nozzle [values] machi
  3. There is a pull down list under the material tab, but the only entry is "empty" so it appears that there is a list of standard size data missing some where. That data list is what I was looking for. Please Note this is installed on Ubuntu 20.04 using the "Ultimaker_Cura-4.6.2.appImage"
  4. I had my primary installation of Cura 4.6.1 start doing some very strange things. So I purged my computer of all cura hooks, directories, etc rebooted and installed 4.6.2 fresh with the profiles and such for my Sidewinder X1. I loaded my first .stl and could not do anything because there was no Nozzle size defined. Ok, so I checked the Print profile and there was nothing about nozzle there, the Extruder had the correct filament size and nozzle offset, but no nozzle size. Just in-case I checked out a couple material profiles and the Nozzle size was not hidden there. Any suggestions
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