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  1. Thank you all for the suggestions, I performed the Extruder and XYZ axis calibrations and all seems well now!
  2. No I did not calibrate, sorry was not aware i needed to. I will search for instructions on how to do this. your print looks great compared to mine. I will attempt the calibration then try reprinting with the settings you tried and see what happens
  3. Here is the 3mf file CE3PRO_3_8 Torque Wrench Holder.3mf
  4. Thanks for the input, I will check and see about lowering the speed and temp and give that a shot!
  5. Forgot to mention I am using Ender 3 pro with inland PLA+
  6. I tried to print this pegboard torque wrench holder and I am not sure why the posts turned out so bad. I am very new to printing and this is the third thing I have printed and I am not sure how to fix. I attached the gcode and stl files as well. Any help or advice would be appreciated 3_8 Torque Wrench Holder.stl 3_8 Torque Wrench Holder.gcode
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