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  1. Thanks Ulrich I will bear this in mind when it comes to the wood PLA. I haven't yet tried it yet the S5 has only had PLA through the print head.
  2. I did think this was an issue and was going to test the Amazon PLA on a Ultimaker 3 which has been printing fine to see if any issues. Im going to complete a hot and cold pull and use Ultimaker filament tomorrow to see if this resolves issue. Only used the amazon basics as its for quite a few draft prints for large model and looking to reduce cost as ultimately going to use Wood PLA. Thanks it does sound like quality issue.
  3. Thanks Enigma Ive stripped the feeder and cleaned out the gunk in there, remnants of ground PLA etc. Its a UM5. One thing I had noticed was on loading PLA it started to curl up around nozzle until cleared then it cleanly extruded. It then printed evenly and cleanly. PLA was an amazons basic in white and Ultimaker in green.
  4. I have tried printing wall section that has window apertures in. The perimeter of the wall and windows is very clean and adhesion is very good. when it comes to the first infill of wall it starts ok but slowly stops extruding and adhesion is lost and it becomes wispy. I have adjusted the feeder tension, unloaded and reloaded material and also changed spools to check material wasn't cause. Am at a loss of why this is happening. Thanks
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