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  1. Sorry for the delay is posting back - I got it working. Use a second model (the nut) defined as "Don't support overlaps". I didn't use the block. I paused the machine on the layer before the overlap with the "Pause at height" post processing plug in, stuck the nut it, and then printed over it. Thanks for you help all. I hope this helps someone else in the future.
  2. Thanks all for the help. Either using a model or the cube as a support block and the pause at height seem to do the trick. Thanks for the help. If you dump a model of a nut into the project - one with clearance designed in - you get supports around the edges - which was a mistake. You can scale up the model of the nut of cube blocker a little past the clearance, and then it works well. Unrelated note, my extruder heater just died - no longer heats. I gotta replace that before I can start testing this again. But thanks everyone.
  3. I was hoping someone could help me out. What is the preferred way to print out something with a metal nut embedded in it. I have two models - one of the part with the space for the nut removed, and the nut itself. I can get the printer to pause at the correct place, and if I use just the part (not the nut), and only add supports to the buildplate, it seem to work okay. But if I would like supports everywhere - of course is fills in the space for the nut with supports. I've tried bringing in the nut into the project, positioning it where it goes, but then is prints the nut too,
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