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  1. Never mind! Apparently moving the model around fixed the issue.
  2. Bumping this one. Anyone have a suggestion? Steve Hurd
  3. Hello everyone! I'm working on a tip jar that has a NeoPixel ring in the middle of it. I'll eventually print it in transparent PETG but I'm just doing test prints in regular opaque PLA for now. In the first pic you see a section of the underside of the jar with the squares in the circle touching each LED in the ring. From the perspective of the pic the area in the center of the model was a little more deep than the area outside the ring. I fixed this in the model so the heights match and now the tree supports look like the second pic, with no support in the middle of the ring.
  4. Hello everyone! Is there an option in 4.7.1 to automatically move a model in the XY plane as it's initially positioned so it is placed in the useable build area? I have a large model where I have to tweak the XY position to get it to slice every time I do an export from Fusion 360. Thanks! Steve Hurd Floyds Knobs, IN
  5. Actually, the M206 command is one of the commands TH3D disabled in the FW. I was able to get your json editing technique to work though! Check it out: This gives enough clearance for my mini EZABL probe mount on the X axis and the wheels hitting the front of the frame in the Y axis. For those playing along at home with your own Ender 5 (or other printer), here's what I did (obviously, make sure Cura is closed before doing this): The file you need is C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.7\resources\definitions\creality_ender5.def.json. (edit the f
  6. Funnily enough, here's the default E5 .json file (found in C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.7\resources\definitions.) It has a build area of 220x220 as well! "name": "Creality Ender-5", "version": 2, "inherits": "creality_base", "overrides": { "machine_name": { "default_value": "Creality Ender-5" }, "machine_end_gcode": { "default_value": "G91 ;Relative positioning\nG1 E-2 F2700 ;Retract a bit\nG1 E-2 Z0.2 F2400 ;Retract and raise Z\nG1 X5 Y5 F3000 ;Wipe out\nG1 Z10 ;Raise Z more\nG90 ;Absolute positionning\n\nG1 X0 Y0 ;Present pri
  7. I'm using a custom firmware that doesn't have that option (to save memory on the 1284P chip for other features.) There is a similar setting in the Arduino code for it, but changing the values doesn't seem to have any effect. I'm eventually going to look into updating to a newer release of the FW but wanted to see if Cura had something in the meantime. It's usually not a problem as the models I print are much smaller than 235x235. I was just hoping for a quick setting in Cura until I have to go through the hassle of configuring a new firmware. I'll try your .json suggestion. Th
  8. Hello everyone! What is the easiest way to find and remove profiles that are not displaying but are contributing to incrementing numbers at the end of the profile name? Example (I'm trying to recreate my profiles from my 3.6 config): Thanks! Steve Hurd Floyds Knobs, IN
  9. Correct, the Ender 5 homes X & Y to the back right - meaning X=Y=235. The end stop switches are at the max values for X&Y. 0,0 is then derived from that. That's what was initially throwing me off. If X is less than 15 or Y is less than 12 it crashes. I verified this with the "paper" technique used for manual bed leveling. Steve Hurd
  10. I found the issue. The version of the TH3D firmware I was using had the bed dimensions for the Ender 5 hard coded at 220 by 220. The same section had the E3 at 235 by 235, which is also incorrect. My guess is they just edited the wrong section when setting up the code for the E5. I fixed those settings and now I get the full 235 by 235. On a related note, now that the bed dimensions are correct I need a way to keep the print head ABOVE X=15 and Y=12. If those numbers are lower the print head hits the structure of the frame. I'm manually doing that now but it would be nice if
  11. When it does an auto home it sends the nozzle to the back-right corner and activates the end stops. Isn't the home position on an Ender 5 supposed to be at the front left? I'm using the Unified Firmware version 1 from TH3D in the printer. Thanks for the help! Steve Hurd
  12. Hello Everyone! I'm not sure if this is a Creality or Cura question so I'll start here. 🙂 I'm getting ready to print my largest model ever on the E5, which has a 235mm x 235mm build plate. The model should fit, as I designed it with those constraints in mind. It looks fine (and fits) in Fusion 360. Cura 3.6 (also 4.7) and OctoPrint, which I have running on a Rasberry Pi. The gcode viewer in OctoPrint shows the model as centered on the build plate. However, the back and right sides of the model are clipped and the X & Y end stop switches on the E5 are triggered.
  13. Changing the model fixed my issue. I'm still curious about the logic behind how Cura generates the gcode. for instance, why does it start at the middle of a shape (a solid circle in this instance) work in one direction, then go back to the middle and go the other way? Anyway, I appreciate the help!
  14. Hi! Here are some better pictures of what's happening. The first 2 are Cura layers 8 & 9. This is the spot with the air gap in the cross-section in picture 2 in my third post. I never used Line Type before. These shots have it turned on. The next few are from the printer. The thin lines (spokes) toward the center are the tops of the edges between the "pyramid" sections - as you call them. Then there are several layers where nothing is printed on them. Once I get to layer 9 I get the problem since there is nothing for the extruded plastic to adhere to. There
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