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  1. Hello, I have a Creality 10S Pro, and have spent several hours trying to unlock the secrets of profiles. Eventually I found the GitHub site and the Wiki. It has some information but not a howto guide. Cura/resources/quality did not have a file for Nylon. I attempted to download the Ulitmaker 3 Nylon profile and modify it. I can not find the "generic" material type in the Cura configuration folder so I am unsure where to put the updated file. 1. Am I on the right track? 2. Is there a how to guide? I assume this is related to my other issue where materials that are added from the Marketplace do not appear in the material list. TIA for the help.
  2. Hello, I have made several attempts to print a complete chess set, adding all the pieces to the bed at once. After several failed attempts I am now printing one piece at a time. Although this is working it will take a long time to print all the pieces since it requires manual intervention with each one. It is possible to place several pieces on the bed and print each one completedly, one at a time? There seems to be problems printing all the objects simultaneously. There is a high risk of knocking into an object when moving between then. I tried increasing the Z travel distance to 1mm but still had the issue. Thanks
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