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  1. @sensebellum Sorry for late response. No this is not solved yet. I took a long time going back and forth with the reseller, who was not very responsive, and only now is there a small light at end of tunnel. Hopefully it would end up somewhere. regards.
  2. Hi All. I received my printer bundle yesterday and started setting it up today. The setup went smoothly and was completed successfully . I successfully updated the firmware to 5.8.1 over the net work. My UMS5 uses the old motherboard ( i.e early 2020 ). The problem started when I performed the first test print. I used CURA and sent the print over the network. It was supposed to be a 4 hour print. However after about 3 hours, the printer lights turned off, the printer head stopped moving and cura reported that the print job was only 26% complete. I switched
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