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  1. On 11/29/2018 at 10:06 PM, Artfreak45 said:

    I tried the Capture2Text and it does not work 100%.  I found a much easier, and better way to list out all the information in a profile.

    In Cura open the Profile Manager.  Click on a profile and Export.  Open the folder the profile was saved to.  Change the file extension from .curaprofile to .txt.  You can then click on the file, and in the file preview, select all, copy, and then paste into a word document.

    TY. Tried this but the text in the file is not complete. missing some valuable parameters like temperature, wall thickness, ...


    If someone at Ultimater is keeping count. I would like to request a simple print on paper option as well.

    Often I have stray clicks with multiple monitors and don't (didn't) realize I accidentally changed a setting where my cursor was.

  2. image.thumb.png.61640df912715afb89a313c3ee649e7a.png


    Same object in prepare and preview mode. Not sure why preview shows a lot of the text missing. Using 4.7.1. PLA

    Tried both emboss and embeded but basically the same. Made w Tinkercad.

  3. Hi, using Cura 4.7.1 trying to print a hollow tube. The left SS shows the tube in Prepare mode and the right the same tube in Preview mode.


    I've rebooted Cura several times but the same keeps happening. Created original in Tinkercad. Why is there an invisible gap here? I also have another gap on the other end of the tube similar to this.




    roller top cura visible.PNG

    roller top cura invisible.PNG


  4. I'm very new to this and using Cura to adjust my prints on an Ender 5 Plus.


    Not sure if your insight request for for hardware or software.


    Using Cura it would be nice to have an export of the entire visibility settings. Could be text but .docx or ,pdf would work. I could then add space for my notes to add or exclude based on the project.


    There is an export function but it creates a cura enable file type. *.curaprofile




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