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  1. Been using CURA for a long time... new to using it with an Ultimaker account. Trying to figure out what gets synced... I installed a fresh CURA copy, installed my usual plugin (Octoprint) and created my materials and added my custom printer and my materials. Synced. Did a full uninstall including deleting config folders then reinstalled. It saw I had used Octoprint plugin and installed that but none of my printers materials or print profiles were retained. So those clearly are not synced. CURA settings like currency setting, not synced. I manually exported my material profiles and my printing profiles to a local folder. No way to export my printer profile??? Print profile yes, PRINTER profile no... Why can't a printer profile be exported? Materials... I created my materials, including cost info. When I imported from the export, the cost info was not retained. I looked through the profile data... not there. for some reason the cost info is in the cura.cfg file... which is not synced to my Ultimaker account mor is there a way to export and import that from what I can see. Am I missing something obvious?
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