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  1. @gr5 hello Here is my project file. Test_Cube.3mf My previous guess about extra 0.3mm was wrong. I didn't notice next lines returning print nozzle after Z-Hopped retract: G1 F3000 E1066.37277 G1 F120 Z10.7 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F3600 X126.244 Y118.89 Z10.7 G0 X112.504 Y112.184 ;TIME_ELAPSED:808.275368 ;LAYER:51 ;MESH:Test_Cube.stl G0 X112.504 Y112.184 Z10.9 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F120 Z10.4 I made one more slice of TestCube with Cura and print it. And gap at the 50 layer is still here. You can see it at the attached photo.
  2. Hi All. Looks like I catch same issue. I sliced (Cura 4.8.0) test cube and notice missed layer, then I printed another two copies from same g-code file and catch same missed layers on same height. Next I sliced test cube using another slicer software. And models are perfect. I start to check G-Code and found out: I think it's software issue. Extra 0.3 mm per layer. It's a reason of horizontal gap. But I have no idea about root cause.
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