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  1. I used ABS from Ultimaker and raised the temperature on the build plate looks like it helped. Thank you for your help 🙂
  2. Thank you for your quick response, below is the information. Material: Fillamentum ABS Extrafil Grey Printing Temperature: 250°C Build plate temperature: 85°C Infill: 100% Resolution: 0,2 mm Supports were used from ABS material. UMS7_foot.3mf
  3. Hi, I'm testing the new UltiMaker S7 and I'm having a problem with the ABS not sticking to the build plate. The UltiMaker website says that no glue needs to be applied to the PEI build plate , even when printing ABS. I tried a few variations with Dimafix, which also didn't help, and then with Magigoo Original, also no change. With Magigoo the printing took the longest, but after 2 hours the part still started to peel off. Of course in Cure I have Adhesion marked.
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