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  1. I am trying to dial my Idex printer with dual extrusion mode. I can;t get my head around Nozzle Switch retraction distance and extra prime amount after switch. No matter what I do I still can't get print started properly after nozzle switch. My assumption was that if my normal retraction is 0.8mm that's what I should put. and then it should retract it back when resuming print with that nozzle ? But then that does not work at all as I thought. So I am trying to get extra prime amount set, but that also does not work as indented even with high values. What is the logic for those settings ? At which point it's doing that extra prime ? This is my current settings I was hoping I can get away with extra gcode in nozzle start, but it does not seem to be possible with just those settings. I would like to understand those settings tho.
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