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  1. Hello, thank you for your answer. We will test that but is a 3 years old release. Why don't you correct the problem in the base software? I don't think is a feature request, it is a bug correction, using vase mode it squashes the firwt layer on every print, i doubt there is someone that likes it the way it is now.
  2. I have a problem with vase mode (spiral), after the base of my print job has been printed it starts with the wall but it looks like the first layer of the wall is not done in spiral mode but as a conventional layer, it doesn't ramp up, so basicly it gets squashed when the second layer is printed. I have seen other slicers start spiral with low matrial and increase as they go along so that next layer has corret space to print plastic. Cura doesn't, it prints a standard layer (not progressively increasing) so that when second layer comes around there isn't enough space for it and it get squashed. Hope my problem is clear, if anyone could help and needs more details please ask. I am printng with a dyze pellet extruder with 3mm noozle. thans in advance, Corrado
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