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  1. Hello all, I'm tuning a 3d printer and trying to get my print times down as I have quite a few things to print, a problem I have run into is top/bottom print speed. I think I have sorted out the problem as to why my top surface looks cruddy and it seems to be due to the first layer to be printed over infill. If I print anything faster then 50mm/s the lines being laid over the infill end up broken and cause the following layers to be far from perfect. I understand that I could probably fix this buy having more infill but at 25% it is already a big portion of the time spent printing and I do not want to add more time or more material for little gain in strength. My thought is, If there was a speed setting for that initial layer that is printed over the infill I could set that to 45 or 50mm/s and then bump up the speed for the rest of the tops to be 70-90mm's no problem. If there is such a setting, or a way to effect the speed of the layers to be printed over infill separate from the printing of the other top layers please let me know. I'm printing parts for a printer so 4-5 top layers are going to happen, and running them all at turtle speed is going to kill me on time. The main issue is power is not totally solid where I am and I would love to be able to print more in one go, but Any print time over say 10 hours is asking for it... Thank you for reading ^_^
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