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  1. Pridanc's post in Adding Supports was marked as the answer   
    Greg yes, vertical just for the quality of the slight curve. Ironically I've always printed it laying on its flat side.
    However, you may or may not recall that I print some PP parts using support that come off just as you suggest.
    And, as Slash mentions to another poster (I think?) but leaning it over a tad just might do the deed. I may try both.
    Regardless, Thank you both for the suggestions/ help. Lets call this solved. TYVM
  2. Pridanc's post in Linear Advance Settings plugin from Marketplace was marked as the answer   
    OK, after restarting CURA the second time, I now see under Materials a box to use Linear Advance so...Never Mind!
    TY y'all.  PDC
  3. Pridanc's post in Installing Material Files off of Market place was marked as the answer   
    TYVM and no worries. I already have a PP profile and from their own literature feel that I can make the changes necessary.
    Lets call this one closed OK?
    Stay well, 
  4. Pridanc's post in Can not see Coordinates was marked as the answer   
    OK, I tripped across "toggle full screen" and found a fix
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