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Posted · Adding Supports

Fabulous friends,


I need / want to stand a relatively thin part on its end but as a big chicken see that there I can give it some support by using something from the "supports" tab I have in CURA.  Might be an add on but whatever, I've got it in my current version of CURA  (5.7.0)


Try as I might, the supports I choose end up on either side and even then, with what looks to be one heck-of-an air gab between it and the part. So, with such a gap, who needs support right?  I do see where I can move the support around manually but then I don't know what size air gap to leave.    I'm hoping that picking the right support will have CURA automatically placing it in correctly.


I'm a simple guy so something as basic as a triangle supporting this thin vertical part from its smooth flat back *only* would be delightful. I can imagine how easy this probably is, but I'm not seeing it.


Included are the .3mf as well as a quick picture of how it is this second. In the picture, there is a red center which is the actual part. Left and right of it are the waffle support bits.


And while we are on the supports subject, as an FYI, you may see that the "custom supports eraser plus (B)"  (or some such) work perfectly and slice up all nice. BUT, when reopening a saved .3mf file like this (which you may get to see right now) the two upper support erasers on the larger vertical bit always move down towards the build plate. Easy enough to fix but is Odd IMO.  I've included a picture of it after reopening.  The two larger blockers are supposed to be up on this parts "ears" just above where they are in this picture. 


TYVM for, once again, saving my bacon.  In my case, the real issue is the added support to the thin part.  The moving custom blockers is moot. To me. :-)

All the best,  PDC

Gap Support.png

Moving Blockers.png

Both Parts Sena Cntrl Pad 2 bar with buttons V2.3mf

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    Posted · Adding Supports

    I guess I can understand why you want to print it vertically to avoid the steps that would show up on the curve.

    What you want is something that isn't covered in the standard supports.  That flat part needs another piece that will be attached to it on the flat slide.  It will grow with the print and stabilize it.  Then you would trim it off when the print is finished.

    Cura's supports are made to hold up roofs and you want to support a wall.


    This is with a support blocker set to print as "Normal Model" that I rotated and then shrank in the Y.  The sharp point just contacts the model enough to give it support as it grows.  There will be a scar when it's removed.



    You can get that joint pretty small.



    Any support structure would need to contact the model or it won't work.  Consequently any support structure is going to leave a scar when you remove it.





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    Posted · Adding Supports

    Main Point: You can just import a model (you may have to make a suitable one first) and make it print as support structure by using the Per Model Settings tool, if you want really fine control over your supports.


    Asides/Bragging: Have you considered printing it leaning back a bit on a diagonal so Cura generates support for it?

    Although sometimes you need custom supports so it doesn't go overkill on itself:


    There's no way the sides would hold themselves up if the support was only in the centre. And if I left Cura to generate the support, it would have put it every-%^#(-where.

    Also I needed to print it at exactly that angle because it let me fit the biggest disc possible inside my printer's build volume.

    20 Slashee points for whoever can tell me what I needed the biggest disc possible inside my printer's build volume for (PM me if you're not replying to thread anyway so we don't derail it).

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    Posted · Adding Supports

    Greg yes, vertical just for the quality of the slight curve. Ironically I've always printed it laying on its flat side.

    However, you may or may not recall that I print some PP parts using support that come off just as you suggest.


    And, as Slash mentions to another poster (I think?) but leaning it over a tad just might do the deed. I may try both.


    Regardless, Thank you both for the suggestions/ help. Lets call this solved. TYVM

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    Posted · Adding Supports
    16 minutes ago, Pridanc said:

    And, as Slash mentions to another poster (I think?) but leaning it over a tad just might do the deed. I may try both.

    Partially aimed at you. Mostly aimed at anyone who'll listen. I'll take any opportunity to bring up my crazy antics.


    Pretty much entirely unrelated but just while I'm mentioning leaning stuff a bit: if you're printing TPU and trying to make it kid-proof, print it an angle. Getting rid of the supports is a massive %$^!ing headache but TPU is weak at layer joins and it's embarrassing when you print a squishy cow for your (then) six month old nephew (saying that word makes me feel old) and they pull one of the legs straight off. I'd thoroughly tested each component to be entirely kid-safe, which for the legs actually involved putting one in a vice, grabbing it with some pliers and pulling and twisting it as much as possible. Couldn't figure out how the hell a 6 month old could break that until I looked at the gcode preview and saw that because I was printing Cross 3D infill at a fairly low density there wasn't actually any infill where one leg joined the body. I then went back to my prototype version and pulled the same leg off with ease.


    Don't worry folks, happy ending: I added a few modifiers to put some dense gyroid infill where each leg connected to the body and printed it at an angle. I couldn't damage any part of that cow now matter hard I tried so I printed another one and sent it to him.


    See? Told you I'll take any opportunity to bring up my crazy antics.

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    Posted · Adding Supports

    Makes huge sense to me. No feel free to discuss your modifiers as well since you have our attention!

    Sty well, all the best. PDC

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