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  1. the brand i use dont mind 250c but it has a if idle for too long stop heating the hotend if i am not there to change it right away Thanks for the warning
  2. following that how you change temperature at height ? i want to test petg has raft then asa for the print 230c for petg 250c for asa inserting the gcode manualy is such a chore Edit: got my anwser there a gcode before and after at filament change script i'll put a m104 before and m109 after so it set and then wait at the after edit2: if temperature command ignored make sure its a M and not an M same for S
  3. i have an heavily modified ender 3 pro most recommended setting for ender 3 dosen't work anymore i aslo did my own firmware for an octopus pro board i guess i'll keep doing what i was doing thanks for the help note: once i am done printing part i have an ender5 waiting to be rebuild/modified i want a 4 tool head based color/material change
  4. what are the way todo this? my search point to the tedious script insert for the color change gcode m600 and i will need todo a temperature one too if its a different material i need an easier method prusaslicer does it thanks for any help
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