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  1. xeno

    Post your latest print!

    After a long time not posting, here is my first larger print: This is a Moulinsart TintTin Monochrome bust I wanted to have for some time, but it being a collectors item, very hard to find one for sale, so I decided to draw it myself, also to chalange myself. The UM extended barely fitted the head at 8mm to spare ? Printed in white PLA, 0.2 layers, and is in 2 parts, bottom and head, I still need to do some sanding, and hoped to have printed with PETG or ABS for easy sanding, but I still could not get a good result, and am still messing with the settings in Cura. after sanding I will paint it as a matt white finish
  2. xeno

    YouMagine covered in spam

    I copy and pasted the email address, and was without the "i" ? I'll try the hello@youmagine.com.
  3. xeno

    YouMagine covered in spam

    Like you said, I tried to contact Youimagine to report spam, but the " support@youimagine.com" gives a non delivery message ? end now there is sublininal spam, a copy of an other object posting, with an illegal movie site link added ?
  4. I started out with the first UM original many..many years ago, and fell in love with Ultimaker, but after some experimenting, and rebuild the UM original to a larger format, I decided to build me a much larger printer ? I choose the FolgerTech FT5 as a basis, and enlarged the whole frame and build area, Worked on this for a year or two, and getting ok looking prints, but I was staring to get fed up with the endless tinkering. My wife decided my time was up, and decided to buy me an Ultimaker extended plus...!!! I love my wife ? So I am back to the UM community after straying from the path, but the light is Ultimaker :LOL
  5. xeno

    YouMagine covered in spam

    Please put the cattle prod at maximum power and aim for the sphinkter, and put it on a timer. somehow they forget that Spam is recurring ?
  6. xeno

    YouMagine covered in spam

    Wow they really responded fast to that prodding ? Try turning the cattle prod on !
  7. xeno

    YouMagine covered in spam

    They don't seem to care, maybe some weapons and porn will wake them up, I stopped caring ?
  8. xeno

    YouMagine covered in spam

    Printing with silicone ? https://www.youmagine.com/designs/delhi-escorts-50-32 And again it looks like they are spending more time gloating over the new Ultimaker, then getting rid of spam ?
  9. That...makes ...them...so...much..more...easy...to ...find........NOT ?
  10. I am also a dutchie, and I don't care what they use, I know what they mean I know Makerpoint was an official retailer, but they seemed to have moved, and are no longer an official retailer in holland
  11. Thanks for the stupid remark but on the Ultimaker main site, and the list of official reseller there is NOT 1 in the NETHERLANDS ! And I know there are lots of shops selling Ultimakers, but it would be a little bit stupid that a Dutch company in Holland not having a official retailer in the Netherlands ! If I want to order parts, I get directed to shops in Sweden ?!
  12. Did I see correct there are no longer "official" resellers of Ultimaker in Holland ? it is not in the list :?
  13. While we are at it I hope this Ultimaker has an ACME Inverse Time dilation option, where the print will be finished, before you push the button.
  14. So it's a double size, and enclosed double headed Ultimaker, and the price tag...€5999,95 ?
  15. xeno

    YouMagine covered in spam

    Not as scary as real friggin guns...but still spam https://www.youmagine.com/designs/recovery-password-facebook-dial-contact-customer-support-phone-number https://www.youmagine.com/designs/facebook-phone-number-recover-facebook-customer-service/favorite https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alloy-steel-pipes

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