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  1. Hi all, since days we have a problem with our ultimaker while extruding and can't solve it by our self. Nearly everything was tried without improvement. Perhabs someone of you allready had the same problem, or has some new ideas. When we build up our extrusion head and start to extrude (~200°C) everything works fine, but after 1-2 minutes there is no more filiament coming out of the nozzle. The stepper extruder motor is slipping and can't get enough advance. After removing the nozzle we always find the same, there is a huge plug in the PEEK. Thx for every help.
  2. Yes, if anyone is interested we would provide the schematics for the extruder and the printhead in the upcoming weeks @alaris2 : unfortunately this is not our workshop, it's one workshop of the university we attend
  3. Over the (almost) past year we worked on redesigning an Ultimaker rev 1.5.3. If someone is interested in the preliminary results, have a look here :http://www.flickr.com/photos/tpultimaker/sets/72157632330142589/ The changes made are eg.: Heated Bed New Nozzle New Extruder-Design New Head-Design / Dual-Head Front-Panel some electronical-tweaks Note: the pictures are quite mixed up regarding their date. Merry Christmas
  4. At least no error anymore but we still measure a wrong temperature(357.3C). Is it possible that our board revision 1.5.3 is no longer supported?
  5. The one generated by this site: http://daid.eu/~daid/marlin_build/
  6. Hi there, we have once again issues with our heated bed. We use a 100k thermistor to measure its temperature and get the max-temp-triggered-error every time. To eliminate soldering problems we connected the thermistor directly to the board, still receiving the same error. Are there any glitches concerning the firmware? many thanks and best regards tpulti-bt edit: funnily enough we changed the firmware setting to epcos 100k with the result that we measure 0 degrees constantly and always get 19V output at the heated bed connector.
  7. Ok, thanks for your answers, we'll try that. Let's see how it works out
  8. Hi there, we finally managed to install our own version of a heated bed. Primarily we wanted to avoid the upbending problem, but unfortunately it still persists. We tried different alluminium beds (normal and sandblasted) and we tried glas but without success so far. We read something about having to use Kapton tape with an aluminium bed, but 3M Polyimide (Kapton) Tapes cost a fortune. Does anyone here have a functional setup? If so, which material do you use at which temperature? Do you use any kind of tape? Do you extrude at a specific temperature? Thanks for your help in advance Regards
  9. Perhaps it would be possible to add a non-standard M-Code which returns a string just containing both temperatures. By doing this you would prevent existing UIs from breaking, but you would still be able to check the temperatures via console.
  10. I justed wanted a feature that allows me to read both temperatures at a time. So I replaced some of the "M104" Code with CODE REPLACEMENT in Marlin.pde Line 851#if (TEMP_0_PIN > -1) SERIAL_PROTOCOLPGM("ok."); for (int extrNo = 0; extrNo < EXTRUDERS; extrNo++) { SERIAL_PROTOCOLPGM(" ::TEMP"); SERIAL_PROTOCOLPGM(extrNo); SERIAL_PROTOCOLPGM(":"); SERIAL_PROTOCOL_F(degHotend(extrNo),1); SERIAL_PROTOCOLPGM(" /"); SERIAL_PROTOCOL_F(degTargetHotend(extrNo),1); }#if TEMP_BED_PIN > -1 ... I also have a slightly
  11. Hey, a quick question concerning your branch of Marlin. I need to change some lines of code, but still would like to use your handy configuration-tool. I tried downloading the whole firmware from github and the configuration.h from your site, but compilation with the Arduino 1.0 editor (even before I change anything) fails due to some errors like Do I need another compiler? Or would it be possible to download an uncompiled version of the firmware from your builder tool (that would be awesome ). If so which process would you recommend to compile and upload? Second question: lookin
  12. We go by 5V-100kOhmNTCThermistor-Signal and Signal-100kOhmResistor-Ground. But still... we have not tested it yet.
  13. We have a NTC Thermistor, but it`s not installed yet. Let`s see next week if it works. I also think we need an adittional or larger power supply. Our bed needs 200W.
  14. Hi, we are going to install a heated platform in our Ultimaker. After searching in other forums, we decided to go by the "heated wolfbed" from the reprap forum. The heater is a silicon-heat-mat, which is attached to an aluminium plate, where we print on. The temperature is measured by a 100kOhm Thermistor and controlled by PID. But there are still a lot of questions. Has anyone tried to install similar platforms in his Ultimaker, so we can exchange experiences of our heated beds? We are happy about every answer. Greetings, Johannes
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