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  1. Two new ones by my wife (All her own work in Sculptress/printed on a Ultimaker1 and painted by hand) We were quite pleased it stands upright on its own - perfect posture there without needing weighted feat.
  2. Looks fantastic! Really cool to see my model like that Is that full size?
  3. We posted some details on the page, hope it helps! We also included an image of a chest print with zero infill, it actually works right up till you get to the top. I am not sure of the minimum hinge resolution,but I think layer thickness shouldn't interfere too much with it, its x/y thats more the limitation for the joint. Love to see a picture of the design in a brass colour so I hope you get it working.
  4. Created a lot of random things recently: Heres a ufo that looks like a juicer: We got a really nice overhang on it Next up is a character design; Modeled in sculptress. Some more spaceships I designed (I am 8 years old at heart) Printed in lovely pink PLA. Second one didnt print too well...I'll try again slightly bigger and with retraction. It does have a lot of detail though, so it was optimistic this would work as it did. Theres also this hinged box. I posed earier but people might like to try it yourselves now its on https://www.youmagine.com/designs/treasure-chest-with-working-hinge--2 (Prints sideways in one piece, no supports or retraction needed) Finally this is a prop for the next episode of http://www.randomreviewshow.com Can anyone guess what it is?:
  5. Cheers, quite proud of it. Currently working on a small inset for it that will let it store 3DS games (or just SD cards).
  6. I designed a box; Prints in one piece, sideways. Was good challenge designing the hinge. (more of my prints can be seen in the gallery here; http://randomreviewshow.com)
  7. Thanks. I quite agree. Awareness of 3d printing is now pretty mainstream.....but there's still a lot of miss-conceptions out there. Anyway...here's a gallery of what we have made so far; http://www.randomreviewshow.com/extras/3dPrintedGallery/3DPrintGallery.html Once we polished the models, we will post them online. This is probably our best yet:
  8. Ok, its not exactly a video of a model...but I just finished editing and uploading a little show about 3d Printing in general featuring our Ultimaker; randomreviewshow.com (Episode 9; 3D Printing at the top) Its a bit silly, and already outdated (I should have mentioned the Ultimaker add-on for dual extrusion), but I thought some people here might enjoy it. I'll upload the models I made for the episode soon. Not sure where the best place these days is though. Thingyverse is falling out of fashion a bit Our Ultimaker started playing up just after we got the last shots filmed, so we were a bit lucky - we will also post a gallery of our stuff when we are running again Anyway, thanks for listening, and I hope those that try our show enjoy it! -Thomas ps. Hope this doesnt seem spammy....seemed like the most fitting forum to put it in.
  9. No problem. I was looking at a alternative because Slic3r was producing gcode that always crashed when I tried to use it - always said something about a command not recognized. This could be as I am not using the newest ultimaker firmware, however.
  10. Nice work. If you still need binary STL files I could supply some.
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