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  1. Hi, I have a large print that I want to pause because I don't want to leave my printer running unattended. It stopped at layer 100. Now I would like to resume it at this layer the next time. I was thinking of just deleting the first 100 layers from the g-code and running the rest, is this possible? The first commands at layer 100 look like this: ;LAYER:100 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 X73.206 Y124.307 Z20.2 F9000.0 G1 X20.861 Y23.532 G1 X20.069 Y20.68 will this instruct the printer to start at Z position 20.2, without "homing" first? Also, should I change anything to the g-code start section? I ;TYPE:CUSTOM M92 E865.888000 ;Sliced file.stl at: Fri 20 Jul 2012 16:05:02 ;Basic settings: Layer height: 0.2 Walls: 0.8 Fill: 20 ;Print time: 41:22 ;Filament used: 81.13m 691.87g ;Filament cost: Unknown G21 ;metric values G90 ;absolute positioning M107 ;start with the fan off G28 X0 Y0 ;move X/Y to min endstops G28 Z0 ;move Z to min endstops G92 X0 Y0 Z0 E0 ;reset software position to front/left/z=0.0 G1 Z15.0 F180 G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length G1 F200 E3 G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length again ;G1 X100 Y100 F9000 G1 F9000 thanks! Richard
  2. Hi! I just bought an Ulticontroller and i'm curious if it is possible to pause a print with it. I used to use the pause functionality in pronterface, but I can't find anything in the Ulticontroller menu. The reason i'm asking is that I have very large prints (+15 hours) I would like to pause the print when i leave the office at night and resume it when I get back in the morning. Is something like this possible with the UltiController? kind regards, Richard
  3. Hi all! I'm looking to buy a 3d printer and after some research i'm leaning towards the Ultimaker. I have some remaining questions; I would like to print abstract information, for example; a graph. I would like to add text to it, so for example I would like to print a cube, and on top of this cube I want to print "Cube 1". It would improve readability if I could do this in another color than the cube itself. Is it possible to print for example a green cube, change material and then print a text on top of it in a different color? I imagine the second print job that prints the text would then have to know at what z height to start... I saw the makerbot replicator has dual extrusion functionality, so I imagine this would be possible with it. However i'm really impressed by the quality of the Ultimaker and it's output and i like the DIY mentality of it. Given my goals of printing text in a different color on top of something, would the Ultimaker still be a good choice? Somebody told me that it is possible to add an extra head to the Utimaker, has anyone ever done that? Does it make sense? I haven't seen any kits for a separate head and I imagine constructing one myself is perhaps too ambitious. Any thoughts? thanks! Richard
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