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  1. You are spot on. Thank you....operator trouble. It is time to upgrade........
  2. Thank you for the support of the Ultimaker! 1. The instructions to us Cura xx8 are perfect.The instructions are like color by numbers. 2. I got this message in the console for a older, first generation Intel MacBook, Dual Core 1.83Ghz. I am using OSX SnL ...6.8 with all the Mac's without this error. Is there an additional lib I should get and add. This particular error is with a fresh install of the OSX from DVD with all the updates. Regards, A On Monday, August 13, 2012, Art Morton wrote: Last login: Mon Aug 13 07:27:50 on console /Users/Ulti/Desktop/osx64-Cura-12.08/cura.command
  3. That is the URL and I tried the button with the Apple. The instructions were fine and work. I just can not get Cura to complete the instructions. Thanks A
  4. I have a new Mac that I wanted to load Cura onto. The down load does not seem to work with the new Safari. So, I tried downloading the software with my Win7 and Linux box without success. Is there a different URL for the OSX version of Cura? Thank you, Art
  5. Thank you for your support of the Ultimaker! I now have the latest version working on the Windows 7, XP and machine and Linux. It is my understanding that you do not develop on a Mac, so it has be quite silly getting things to work on a platform you are blind to. I have downloaded Cura 12xx, and installed the Merlin firmware with Cura, did the system checks and the filimate calibration, sliced and loaded the file to Printrun and the hit the "print". What I have listed below is the error I receive on the High Temp Error. "This now only happens on the Mac". This does not happen on any other
  6. I did load the firmware out of #34. It works just fine, however, does it have TempSensorProtectiion Feature? This version of Marlin does not trigger the error? What I am trying to figure out here is if my hardware needs to be replaced .... before I burn my humble surroundings to the ground by accident. The other thing is, I LOVE the results I get with Cura and its include Marlin. This, the UM bursting into flame) is something I do not expect to happen and we have more of a chance of doing that with the iron than anything else we own...... I get it that the RC4 Package is complete and
  7. Thank you..... The combination I am now using that works is the Marlin RC2 from RepG Loaded in my UM and Cura4. This works without the errors or the temp variations. Do you know if the Marlin firmware in RepG is the same Marlin released with Cura4 or is there a marlin where the Temperature senor protection feature is not implemented? Are there RepG and Cura code branches for Merlin? Regards, A
  8. Daid, I set my note out before I read the other threads, and some of the other suggestions to trouble shoot this particular anomaly. I did not do any of it until after I had tested with RepG v 25 Beta Skeinforge 35 Ultimaker Advised 5D v1.0 firmware and the failsafe slicing option for the ultimaker. I did print repeatedly without error. I printed with Mac OSX SL and Windows 7. I have a Ubuntu setup but did not test that. Testing went like this: Cura 4 Mac OSX == Problem RepG 25 Win7 == Working Cura 4 Win7 == Problem RepG 25 Win7 == Working RepG 25 OSX == working Cura 4 Max OSX =
  9. I am not 10 kg of PLA into the ultimaker. I am using Cura4 with a Mac and a PC and I getting the same result. This issue just started yesterday, and the only thng that has changed is the day. Win 7 SP1 SL Mac OSX Cura4 Ultimaker The first thing that happens is I am told that a "MinTemp" error has happened and I can not start the extruder.... So I warm it up. The temperatures "jumps backward from 241 deg C to 236 deg C" when I start printing. The temp then warms up to print. It starts, the I get a "MAXTEMP" error. Is Cura reporting the temperature or is Marlin? Is Cura and/or M
  10. Does one need to update the firmware with each release of Cura? A
  11. The Control Panel exstrusion "Reverse ... Stop ... Forward" Are these disable in this version of UMRepG0034? These did work some of the time in rev 25. The process I used was to attempt to exstrude before the temperature was in range, the software would throw there TEMP Error and Not Print, then when it got to temperature, I could used the controls to prime the nozzle. If I did not first get the TEMP Error(One can not extruder because the temperature is not high enough to melt the material), I would "not" be able to prime the hot end before the build. In the 0034 version, I am unable
  12. The compressed air removed the clog. I just had the head in the oven for 20 mins at 240, and it work. I moved back to Cura/Marlin and I am printing again. Thank you, A
  13. RepG25 + Marlin 1.0.0 release candidate 0 = Z axis top and bottom limit switch ignored RepG0034(Green Orange White UI) + Marlin 1.0.0 release candidate 0 = Z axis top and bottom limit switch ignored RepG0034(Ultimaker Edition 0034) + Erick's Build from 2012-04-17 = Z axis top and bottom limit switch ignored Cura firmware, from RC1, works correctly with RepG25, RepG0034 and RepG0034UM, and the Z axis limit switches work fine, stopping the table before the stepper grinds at the bottom or the nozzle hits at the top. The warning message is clear in the RepG0034 that it will not work with the o
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