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  1. Its not their problem, its the whole thing around it. As soon as the seller presses "refund" on the paypal website, there is a whole process started at paypal that gives a "bad user feedback" to Ultimaker, which ultimaker has to respond with putting at least 10% of their 3-month income to paypal as a "guarantee", and some other crazy loopholes that made companies wish customers never used paypal in the first place. I had similar experiences with paypal before: Merchant accounts frozen for over 3 months (and no way to get a refund), credit card companies blocking accounts due to high paypal am
  2. Its probably because you are not running the latest java version. Check in terminal: "java --version", it should be 1.6.0_25 or higher (doing this out of my mind, but I do know it works with 1.6.0_31).
  3. Mac users should use the LATEST version of Java. You can check this by running "java --version" in the terminal. This is not a bug, but something that is making me annoyed like hell (mac is running their OWN version of java, which cant be included in the software)
  4. Hi steven! 1: You can use any 3D program you like, as long as it exports in mm and can export "STL" files. Its not possible to plug-and-print right now, but you can use a program like ReplicatorG and Cura to do this. 2. I have seen people without any technological background putting an Ultimaker together. There is a little bit of science involved, but everyone with a high school diplom and some understanding of physics should be capable of putting it together in a working day (and running it on day 2). 3. Yes. What I use is something I prefer to call "The rule of Thumb": Using your left
  5. From what I can see, its a short-circuit or the amplifier died. Try disconnecting the sensor, and tell me what you get then between the yellow & black line. If its still the same voltage, then your amplifier fried. You can usually get a free replacement part from UM.
  6. About VAT numbers Add your country code (2 letter code) for international orders.
  7. No, there is not unfortunately, else I would add some "current sensing" to the machine Best is to check the wiki. There is something about the pot settings on your stepper driver. Normally when you get them from Ultimaker they are fully tested and dont need adjustments.
  8. I checked it, its 1.2 ohm. Like I said before, plug the arduino in, then measure the voltage between the yellow and black wire, and tell me what it gives. BTW: Can you give me a picture of your printhead? It is definately NOT the component you showed...
  9. Measuring the amount of ohms without using specialised equipment wont help. Try measuring the voltage between the yellow and black wire. It should read 200mV (0.2V).
  10. The Cura RC2/3/4 firmware supports the UltiController out of the box. And I think the RepG34 firmware also does this. I can confirm that Marlin 1.0 natively supports the UltiController.
  11. The baud rates are as follows: 5D firmware: 57600 Sprinter/Marlin: 115200 Printrun/Cura: 250000 You can better stick with repG or printrun instead of netfabb, but if you set the baud rate to the following in netfabb it will print.
  12. MAXTEMP means that there is a shortcut or you connected the cable wrong. It has to do everything with the temperature sensor.
  13. I finally got pictures of someone who bought an ultimaker clone from ebay, and I was shocked (literally)! Some of the things I saw: - Really bad lasercutting. - poor cable design - Doesnt function properly under marlin (lot of errors) - Old-fashioned PCB without any Ultimaker logo on it (which means they got the designs from the open-source variation, which has some small differences compared to the official UM RAMPS board). - No support at ALL (thats why he came to me) - Cheap plastic covering - Cheap motors - No overheating protection on the stepper drivers. - Wrong kind of tape A
  14. Yes. The speed is in mm/min, so 9000 = 150mm/s.
  15. Daid is a dutchie :lol: Florian is at the Ultimaker HQ working on the Ultimaker, thats all I know.
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