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  1. MSURunner, merely build towards a new target temp and speed! A simple temp/speed change based on the print height... first third, second third and the last one! i would love to test the file!
  2. I imagine something that separate the 3d model in 3 thirds or more from the base to the top. The operator would be able to set different speeds and temperatures in each one of them, the rest of the settings would keep the same. I also think it would be important that the temperature and speed changes were gradual to not have a bad affect on the print.
  3. i took a look at the code, but i dont have level for that. Daid could program that... ...He is the men!! Would be a good Cura function !! thanks to all!!
  4. on slic3r there ware some solutions i think, but i am really enjoing Cura and i would like to keep using it
  5. anybody knows a plugin to change speed and temperature during the print ? I need quality and dimensional stability only in the final third of my model so i would like to speed up my prints whithout lose quality in this area
  6. Any idea how to change my axes home position? i want the extruder start at the opposite corner. I am using slic3r 072b At this moment it start at the left front side and i want it to start at back right side thank you
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