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  1. Hi, i am still learning ardiuno.. For temperature, i modified all the extruder body. I believe in the end that i will also need 2 head because there is a cleaning problem with the PLA after ABS or PMMA. Few of it stays into the heater and make problems.
  2. Right, in cura, i open a custom firmware? Into MArlin V1 there are boot loaders 5 ones Which file i put?
  3. Thank'd Daid, as i said, i am a noob... I really don't know how to get in this set up. This is a new world for me. :?
  4. So, i am on win7. I download sketc_nov20a and i am searching the file who content the machine spec? Anyone could help me?
  5. Hi Guys, I would like to print polycarbonate. I am a noob with python, how could i access to marlin setup to change the maximum temperature to 275°? Thank's :geek:
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