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  1. Wow, that seemed to work: 1: Clicking the Cura icon in the Mac "task bar" (dock) did bring up the preferences dialog box 2: There were two ports with the same name; chose the second one 3: Didn't work at slower speed, but DID work at highest speed
  2. Last week, was able to connect and attempt to print (bed leveling issues, hopefully resolved now) NO CHANGES software-wise to either the Ultimaker or the Mac. But today, had 2 problems out of the blue: 1: Machine fails "Detecting buadrate" Finally says "Machine state Error: No more baudrates to (try?)" Same software, machine, same USB port on Mac. I even completely unplugged the 3D printer and rebooted the Mac. Sometimes it would even show the TEMPERATURE of the printhead, but still claim it couldn't connect. I tried a lower resolution print, wondering if it was the gcode size, but sam
  3. Ah, it's on the the first page, Frame Assembly, Step 4 Bottom Plate, http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Ultimaker_rev.4_assembly:_Frame#Step_4:_Preparing_the_bottom_plate It's 3 pages away from the Z-axis page, they might consider a back link ;-) The "official" name is the "Resiliert coupling"
  4. In moving the platform manually, the vertical threaded bar came out of the bottom holder. What is the round cylinder at bottom of the Z-axis screw called? It's on the right hand side of this picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ultimaker/5488424600/ I reread the wiki page on installing the build platform, and near the bottom they talk about adding the M8 threaded rod, but they skip the one step about how it gets fastened to that thing at the bottom. I'm sure it's discussed on some other page, but short of rereading the entire site I couldn't find it. I think I even had to secure this
  5. The bed often won't get close enough to the print head even if I loosen the screws a lot. I loosen the screws to where they almost fall out. I tried jamming some folded paper between the plywood and plexiglass to force it, but I still can't get all 4 corners to touch at the same time. I can get the left front corner OK, usually. Paper underneath helps. The back left and back right are difficult to get at the same time. Getting a wad of paper under the back to help with the springs is hard. If I get one back corner set, the other is out off again. Also, the back right corner
  6. Hi David, Re. the tool in picture http://daid.eu/~daid/IMG_20130115_103648.small.jpg If I got it, it's been misplaced. Can you tell me the spec? (would be good to know anyway) Or maybe to an Amazon product page?
  7. Thank you for the clarification of the various Z-axis functions. I didn't see a hex key in the packaging, just the one regular size tool, tape, etc. If you know the exact type / size of tool I can probably get it locally (I'm guessing metric) FYI: the reset axis did seem to act differently at one point than autohome, and was the closest I came to getting a print. I had been trying to print from Cura and had cancelled a bouple times. Then I had done autohome, and then printed from Cura. When Cura started printing, it moved the platform down and was printing "in air". So I cancelled printin
  8. Newb with pre-assembled rig. Obviously I understand what the Z-axis is for, and how to adjust it with the front control. I've got both "print in air" and "rip into the paper" results, obviously I need some adjustments. I'll try to spell out what's confusing me: 1: When you put the platform onto the 4 pegs, there's 2 ways it can fit. I assume there could be a slight difference (?), and I'm not sure which way it was calibrated when assembled. Is it "push down and slide left", or "push down and slide right" ? 2: My wooden platform is quite warped (lower on the left than the right), but it
  9. I was wondering if it was something like that. This is painfully ironic for an open source project that needs so much more doc. Brainstorming some technical ideas: FIrst off all, preventing vandalism could be handled differently than incorrect information. For vandalism, I'd suggest: 1: Captcha, so a human had to expend some effort to do it 2: Banishment for obvious vandalism The combination of these two would greatly reduce the number of times it happens. Not zero, but small number. 3: Maybe moderation of first post (or first N posts) For bad info, I'd suggest: 1: Label non-employe
  10. Well, I sure have PLA feeding now. Various other problems... When I tell Cura to cancel printing, PLA continues to extrude for several minutes. I have to go into manual mode on the control board and adjust the Z axis manually to keep a giant glob from forming and to make room so I can wipe it off. Is it normal for PLA to keep going for several minutes after canceling? And how do you guys handle it? I have to leave for tonight. Will resume later and start new topics if needed.
  11. I signed up for an account on the Wiki (same username as this community forum), but I don't see an "edit" button. I realize there needs to be some controls, but wondering if this is intentional? Or maybe I'm just missing the link? This is all about "open source", and even wikipedia trusts me ;-) The reason I'd like to edit is that I'm a new user, and I can point out things that the gurus would never think of. Thanks, Mark
  12. Wow!!! Thank you Robert and Luis for the video. The thing it showed, which I had no idea, was that the top of the feed mechanism that's attached to the lever travels vertically. This should make a huge difference, and I I hope they link to that on the getting started pages, a very important "day 1" thing. Still experimenting...
  13. OK on reheat and wiping. BUT I don't understand tightening the feed mechanism. I did adjust the screw/spring but I don't think that helped. The gear assembly latch doesn't seem to clck into place or latch, is it supposed to?
  14. Hello, I bought a pre-assembled unit which arrived yesterday. I tried feeding the PLA up through the tube. Two hints for other newbs: * I chose gray PLA as my first color, I think a brighter color would be easier to see and better while learning. * I had to cut a bit of the outer wrapping off so I could see the transparent feed tube. Issues: * Is there a "feed procedure" to have the gears load the PLA? Or do you just jam it in there, all the way through? * Although I see the filament on the other end by the print head, prints don't seem to work. * When closing up the back feeding asse
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