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    This is my most recent print, started as a prop for a theatre play i am working on, ended up as a "Cat-Zilla" Designertoy. The body was printed on the UM2 with the Olssonblock and it came out pretty much perfect. The arms were printed separately on my old UM1, same settings only without the olsson block, i instead used a nozzle where i enlarged the hole myself. i didnt do much posprocessing, a few spots needed some filler but that was it. hope you like it. for mor of my work check out my instagram https://www.instagram.com/bauermaker/
  2. Hi garee awesome idea, i made a fake walker body and added it to youmagine maybe you can also post a pic here or on youmagine, i would be interested how it turned out. thx and have fun b
  3. Hi garee this is the link, they used to be available in the makerbot store but they stopped selling, now its either that link, or you can google yourself or you can try aliexpress (but they only sell at least 100 pcs, thats where i got mine, was only 45 bucks) www.bilby3d.com.au/ProdSearch.asp?txtSearch=walker thanks for printing b
  4. So i bought these windupwalker bodies ages ago on aliexpress and have been slowly incorporating them into small 3d printing projects. A few days a go i came back home from watching the new Batman vs Superman movie and as it was close to easter i decided to design this BatmanBunny. more pics on: https://www.instagram.com/bauermaker/ download link: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/batmanbunnywalker so if you feel the need for a last minute easter project, have fun and happy easter b
  5. Hi, thanks for using my model and it doesnt matter much but i am from Autria, not Germany
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