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  1. be careful because you might only be able to get rods which are not straight enough. believe me.
  2. Yes, that's a good idea. In fact, your ultimaker can work well even when you bring the feeder with your hands. So, the only problem is the plug parts. for the electric connection, it's easy to cut the original wires and to connect them with some kind of sockets. You might need to order some tools and learn for a while.
  3. I am doing that, but the whole structure was re-designed. soon I will post something.
  4. Hi all, I am in China and have a workshop which can fold metal quite well, so I hope to build a huge ultimaker with steel body, like 450mm * 250mm * 200mm. I can get poles, motors, bearings and other things here, but I hope it is a ultimaker, so what kind of boards can I use right now? Is that part fully open resourced? available to order directly? Thank you all!
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