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  1. LePaul

    Toothless needs support help!

    I decided to go with brim and the changes I posted above. 79% into the print and the area that failed previously is working very well. I'll let you know how the finished print does but so far (20 hour print), the big problem area seems to be working well. I think the brim gives a stronger base for the support and added the one wall helped too.
  2. LePaul

    Toothless needs support help!

    This model (refer link) has two versions Using the one without support
  3. LePaul

    Toothless needs support help!

    Okay those look promising....here's what I've added in...appreciate your thoughts
  4. LePaul

    Toothless needs support help!

    Ultimaker 2+ 🙂
  5. LePaul

    Toothless needs support help!

    "Put a box over it" Can you elaborate? Never utilized that feature before
  6. LePaul

    Toothless needs support help!

    That's interesting. So there's no way for a set some solid layers first to strengthen the support to the bed?
  7. LePaul

    Toothless needs support help!

    Ok, I've been looking at those settings. I think the problem is the foundation. Even if I set a brim, the supports would be weak. It looks like the wings have good support but the base would again be the weak spot. Can you offer some tips on the Join Distance and Horizontal expansion that might be good to try?
  8. LePaul

    Toothless needs support help!

    Thanks for your reply. Yes the supports came off from the base and I know in S3D I can set how many layers are solid. (I supposed I could have opted for brim too) I'll investigate those settings.
  9. Yes, Toothless from "How to Train Your Dragon" is a favorite of mine. And there's a great model (without supports one) on Thingiverse. (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2335797) However no matter what I've done, the supports fail on the wings on the back Using the latest Cura.... and really stumped as to how to get this little fella printed successfully! It's eluded me a few times!
  10. Thanks guys...I'll have to wait until pay day to order a replacement TFT and Bowden tube. The TFT has hundreds of hours on it so that's my guess....
  11. LePaul

    Squizzle Squirrel

    That's hilarious....it's on Thingiverse. Search for Squirrel :) Really...people need to lighten up!
  12. Has anyone experienced filament grinding from an old TFT? I have repeated grinding going on with my Ultimaker brand PLA using the default Cura/Ultimaker PLA settings recently. I have repeatedly disassembled, cleaned with a brass brush and tooth brush the hobbed knob/feeder and removed all the debris. I also see little pieces of debris in the Bowden I can't seem to remove. I have the feeder tension at 3/4 (following documentation provided by Fabrc8) I have several hundred hours on my UM2+ and all I can figure out is that there's some backpressure somewhere...my thoughts are replace the TFT and Bowden tube at this point. But before doing so, I am curious if my "theory" is correct...bad TFT.
  13. LePaul

    Polyalchemy Elixir PLA

    Hi I used Simplify3D and used 215 for the first layer then 210 for the rest. I didn't have any blobbing issues you mention. I bought 2.85 and 1.75 versions and for the latter, used it on my CR-10S using the same temp. That first priming if the nozzle is so weird, as I mention in the video I can't recall if I used Cura or not for any of the prints. My Ultimaker 2+ is down right now, I keep grinding up filament in the feeder....I think my TFT has finally gone bad on me so I have to replace that.
  14. LePaul

    UM2+ Extruder keeps jamming up

    Hi Im aware of that, it popped out after I opened up the housing. I wish that was the root cause since I did put it back upon reassembly. Now if the level indication goes up, that’s less tension? For some reason I’m having trouble with Ultimaker filament. The previous types I had in there printed very well.
  15. LePaul

    MatteForge Filament anyone?

    205 definitely came out much better. I concur slowing the speed down will help with overhangs and more complicated objects

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