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  1. I’m trying to like Cura 4 Fresh install on a new laptop, all default settings, changing one item...removing brim for skirt. As this print goes along, you hear the nozzle dragging on top of the print. Why? https://youtu.be/GVJ5v9ufHWo
  2. I'm curious what temp you are printing at. Sometimes I get that with some brands of filament and have the temp too high
  3. Right, I was hopeful that I could do something like this with Cura's UM2 profile, since it's very convenient for that first layer to be a little hotter.
  4. It sounds like your Start gcode is missing some stuff. Can you cut/paste what you have in there? There should be a G28 in there, ideally at the beginning, to home everything If you aren't sure where to find that, in the upper left where it says your printer, click the chevron/ arrow icon, that will give you the Manage Printers at the bottom of the list of printers. Highlight yours, hit manage printers. It should look like this
  5. This is one that's had me stumped for a while. In another slicer (S3D), I can set the first layer to be different (hotter) than the following layers. For example, with PLA, I would usually do the first layer 5 C hotter, then on layer 2, reduce it. The Setting seems to point to something I just can not locate in the long list of setting controls.
  6. You perceive it as negativity, which is sad because you said you wanted feedback...and if we offer it, you don't want it? 🙂 Simply stated, the interface wastes a tremendous amount of space, is very awkward for an experienced Cura user to find the basics and...well, the list goes on. But you'd take that as negative versus constructive feedback.
  7. Thank you for making this. How sad this is that a Plug In is required to give users back basic functionality the program has had for years
  8. I'd suggest setting up and Raspberry Pi and install Octoprint. Then you can make use of the Octoprint plugin within Cura.
  9. For the longest time, I thought I had messed this up....but now I have Cura on some other computers and can replicate it. What Happens: If you've been using Octoprint and/or set your machine code to Marlin, when you set it back to Ultimaker 2, it adds an additional bed lowering and raise at the start of a print. When the printer warms up for the start of the print, it will do it's usual bed raise and purge material, but then it lowers again, raises, does a small purge and then begins the print. Perhaps some logic can be added so that this isn't added to the start script?
  10. Im going to enable the Octoprint Plugin and try that...do I have a bad SD card? It's got 5 or 6 other prints on it and recently formatted (and new)? I'll let you know! Sooo weird!
  11. I just came back to find the print stopped with the nozzle sitting in the print What gives? Why is Cura broken?
  12. I just sliced it again and analyzed the gcode before letting the UM2+ try it again It's all there this time. What in the world would cause such a weird fluke?
  13. Last night I loaded up a model to print using the basic settings/Ultimaker PLA profile Woke up this morning to half a print. I thought maybe the filament tangled or jammed. Then I decided to view the gcode in S3D's gcode viewer. A big gap! I'm attaching the gcode and hope someone can tell me what happened? UM2_X_-_Carriage.gcode
  14. Well how crazy is that. By default it isn't set to auto slice. Kind of nice, I suppose...! I hit the Slice Button and now I have it. I'm so used to years of upgrading and having that as a default all along, it's weird on a fresh install, that isn't set to go. Thanks!
  15. I just received a new Lenovo P72 and installed Cura. Quite disappointed how slow Cura runs on a Intel i7 8850 6 core processor with an nVidia Quadro P600 Slow! But my bigger issue, about to do a print and when I go to my layer view to analyze my print...I so no way to slide up and down as I used to, to view the layers
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