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  1. LePaul

    UM2+ Extruder keeps jamming up

    Hi Im aware of that, it popped out after I opened up the housing. I wish that was the root cause since I did put it back upon reassembly. Now if the level indication goes up, that’s less tension? For some reason I’m having trouble with Ultimaker filament. The previous types I had in there printed very well.
  2. LePaul

    MatteForge Filament anyone?

    205 definitely came out much better. I concur slowing the speed down will help with overhangs and more complicated objects
  3. I'm a bit stumped on this and I think I have a solution...but thought I would ask my friends here for their thoughts. I had a print display extrusion issues and then fail, air printing for a while before I noticed it. The back of the machine under the extruder was full of chewed up filament. I have the extruder tensioner set to the middle, which I think....I could be wrong...has always been the default position. I was using a spool of Ultimaker black PLA that had been sitting out for a year. I don't think PLA is susceptible to absorbing moisture as much as other filaments....but it's worth mentioning as we debug this! I cleaned out the extruder by removing it and cleaning it, using the steps documented here and those provided by Fabrc8. I put everything back together, re-attached to the Ultimaker 2+ and as a precaution, did 3 Atomic pulls to clean out the nozzle/make sure no issues existed there. I opened a new package of Ultimaker Black PLA...everything was sealed and new! Started a new print and a while into the print, the same thing happened. Now I suspect I have a simple case of too much tension on the filament, causing the grinding. What position should it be at by default (if such a thing exists)? Back to cleaning this fella out again!
  4. LePaul

    MatteForge Filament anyone?

    Printing at 60 mm/s and 0.10 layer height The cat model came out great. But printing a piece for another printer, it really failed badly. Trying again at a warmer temp (205) I'll report back in 5 hours!
  5. LePaul

    MatteForge Filament anyone?

    I've had mixed results with it, I bought some 1.75mm by accident and using it on my CR-10. It indicates "195 is ideal" but my prints at that temperature show poor adhesion....you can rip the piece apart with ease. I had tried higher temps but overhangs suffered as a result. The areas it prints well look nice, no "shine" we're used to with regular filaments I'm trying 205C this time...perhaps that will be a good balance of strength and able to do overhangs well.
  6. LePaul

    UMO For Sale $100 NYC area

    Oh I had one of these...still have spare parts.
  7. LePaul

    Tips for bed adhesion

    I meant to inquire...what's the salt method?
  8. LePaul

    Tips for bed adhesion

    Good read, I often encounter what Sander showed as number 3...a tad too high. @geert_2 good to know about PETG. I just received some and everyone seems to think this stuff is better than PLA. The datasheets don't entirely agree with that. But good to have some bed temp info. (Side note...from what I've read, it's very similar to ColorFabb nGen in tensile strength) I've wound up using hairspray as my goto surface for the past year. Tried PEI sheet and it was a real struggle to remove prints. I often had to put them in the freezer to pop free. Then you wind up re-leveling the bed all over again. I got many months out of the diluted wood glue method but extra hold hairspray is just so much more convenient for me. I use rubbing alcohol to clean the glass bed.
  9. LePaul


    I've seen this material heavily advertised and like most CF filaments, do not seem to live up to the advertising hype. I have thought about trying this material out, to see how it compared to ColorFabb's CF (which is a nightmare to use)
  10. Anyone have some secret settings on how to get this to print a little bit better than I am? I'm printing and 210 and the box/instructions seem to indicate hotter might be better. But the strands on the top make me think my retraction distance should be adjusted? Maybe coasting? Ideas?
  11. LePaul

    Anyone used Matterhacker Pro Series PETG?

    In Cura, was there a profile you used?
  12. Just bought a spool since I need something that can handle warm temps and, well, everyone around me seems to be using it! In talking with an Ultimaker friend 🙂 She suggested using the CPE profile to print with it. Oh and some caution about removing it from the glass.
  13. LePaul

    Cura is unusably slow.

    4gb of RAM? That's barely running your operating system (and thus the low windows score)
  14. LePaul

    Cura is unusably slow.

    What's your processor? My Intel i5 laptop only has 12gb of RAM and like most things on Windows 10 with under 16gb of RAM...stuff is slow. My other laptop is an Intel i7-3630QM (2.4ghz quad core) with 32gb RAM and Samsung EVO 950 SSD. From double click to Cura ready to go takes 15.58 seconds. (Simplify3D is 2.51 seconds) I wish the program didn't bog down while working on models, rotating and previewing. My new desktop is an Intel I7 7700, 32gb, SSD and nvidia GTX1070. It's clunky there too.
  15. I created a video on how to setup the Octoprint Plugin...so in the spirit of helping others...

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