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  1. Hello! I'm starting to use larger nozzles on my old 2+ and 0.8 nozzles I'm doing some extrusion multiplier testing and found that with ColorFabb White PLA, I'm at 94% flow. That seems ok. I'm curious what people are using for retraction settings? I'm observing some stringing at 5mm distance (25 mm/s). I couldn't see any suggested settings in the latest version of Cura, for some reason my profile options are "draft quality" and no other options listed? (In 4.8, i can't see my Material settings at all using "Generic PLA", so I can't seem
  2. That's an interesting point. The user didn't match what the S5 had loaded for Cores and Materials. I changed them over via the Settings menu but then lost the profiles in doing so.
  3. Due to the nature of my work I can't. I just tried adding an Ultimaker S5 again and now I have them back (didn't work previously but closed and restarted Cura) We're trying to use a workflow where they send me their project so I can see the model and Cura settings (similar to what we do with S3D). This way if their settings are incorrect, I can either make changes...or if it is quicker to use one of Cura's built in profiles, I can use that. Is that a good process or do you advise another method? Thanks
  4. We installed magnetic spring steel / PEI (Buildtak) sheets from PrintedSolid a while ago. Lately we have great difficulties with Tough PLA sticking to the PEI. After a few failures we went back to glass.
  5. Hi This one has me stumped. My peers send me the Cura Projects so I can open them and see the print settings, model and how everything is set for their print request. One thing I notice, even if I close out and start new, is the various Profiles are missing. Such as the 0.1 , etc etc... How do I get these back?
  6. Left is 0.1mm offset, Right is 0.15mm offset Left is super smooth, right is smooth but you can see/ eel the individual lines of the bottom layer, so a bit too high
  7. EDIT If one uses the z offset tool, what would be the suggested distance to try? I wish I could adjust it at the beginning of a print (Marlin babystepping) I'm trying 0.1 and 0.15 to see how those go
  8. Hi, We have two Ultimaker S5's and noticed with active leveling, printing on glass, the prints are very difficult to release from the bed. Trying to improve from this, we purchased some magentic bed/spring steel/BuildTak sheets offered by PrintedSolid a while back. Due to the COVID thing, I haven't had a chance to try those out until this week (we are allowed back in the laboratory for short shifts for now). The prints release with that lovely spring steel wiggle but on one printer, you can see the "ghost" of the location where the print was.
  9. Thanks for that. We're having a terrible time with this. We make sure two models are laid flat, we hit merge...and Cura throws them apart
  10. Thanks for those. My peer and I are still stumped so we may give up on this approach for now
  11. Been Googling with no results thus far. Thanks?
  12. Not to be picky, but why is "colorFabb", "eSUN" and 'igus GmbH" at the bottom and not sorted within the listing? Just curious.
  13. I'm trying to follow those steps but unable to sort out the "modifier mesh" and where to find the "Modify Infill Only" ? (I'm also having a hard time going between models once merged)
  14. Hi there. I have an Ultimaker S5 and I was hoping to print some multicolor labels to place on some toolboxes and cabinets. I have found some nice Customizable labels on Thingiverse but those only generate one file. I do not see a way to make it into two files, as the Cura documentation explains for multi-color prints. Is there a way to do this within Cura? To split up the model? For reference, I was looking at this... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2768920 It seems many people pause the print and change the filament [on their sin
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