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  1. Got it fixed by following the steps in the thread provided. Also, I added a drop of mineral oil on each rod, that seemed to help a lot too. Thanks!
  2. Awesome, thanks. I'll check it all out and report on any progress that I make.
  3. I have an UM1 and when trying to move the print head by hand, there are several spots where it is almost impossible to move. When trying to use the bed leveling wizard, the print head cannot move freely in all directions. What is the best way to "square up" my UM1 again and make it so that the print head can move freely in all directions? Thanks!
  4. Latest version, 14.03 When I choose "Print With USB", that is the window that pops up. I can still print, because the "Connect" and "Print" buttons show up. However, I can't do anything else because the rest of the UI is all mashed together.
  5. I'm attaching a screenshot of what my "Printing" screen looks like. This has happened on 2 Macs running the latest OSX. This issue is probably due to an older library or something, but WHAT do I need to update to get rid of this problem? It makes Cura almost unusable. Thanks! edit by gr: Made picture embedded instead of gallery for easier viewing.
  6. Printing with PLA at 210C on a UM1. Print speed was only at 60mm/s last night when this happened. 0.1mm layer height. Although it happens when I am at 0.2mm hight as well. The filament isn't grinding, the motor simply stops. Also, when this happens and the print "finishes", my heated bed is properly switched off - but the nozzle does not, so it stays at 210C until I manually shut it off. During a "normal" print, when everything works correctly, both the extruder and the heated bed are turned off when the print finishes.
  7. Several times now my Ultimaker has stopped feeding during a long print, but the printer keeps going like it thinks it is still printing. I had first thought that the extruder motor was getting too hot, but even with a fan blowing on it (and keeping it cool) I am still having this problem. Probably 80% of the time, things print just fine. But the other 20% are driving me crazy. Any tips/suggestions about what I can do to troubleshoot and solve this problem? Thanks!
  8. I have a total jam in that print head now. I am going to tear it all apart again and make sure it is completely cleaned out. Thanks for the help. I'll post more if I am still having problems.
  9. Ok, just added more photos to my album. The bottom few layers look almost good, then it just becomes crap. These are with the fan off and cooling set to 7.5. Here are the complete settings that I am using: [profile]layer_height = 0.2 wall_thickness = 0.8 retraction_enable = True solid_layer_thickness = 0.8 fill_density = 25 nozzle_size = 0.4 print_speed = 50 print_temperature = 210 print_temperature2 = 0 print_temperature3 = 0 print_temperature4 = 0 print_bed_temperature = 0 support = None platform_adhesion = Brim support_dual_extrusion = Both wipe_tower = False wipe_tower_volume = 15
  10. Layer height was .2mm Using the default Cura slicer. Spiralize is NOT enabled Tension wheel is not deformed, I actually switched to the new one I got with my dual extrusion kit, same results. I'll try without fan and minimum layer time to 7.5s and see what I get. I'll update when finished. Thanks!
  11. I'm having some problems with my prints and I've run out of ideas... Often, the print will start just fine, then a little while into the print, the problems start. So far, I have: Removed and completely cleaned out my nozzle (with a blowtorch). Replaced my bowden tube. Adjusted the spring tension on the feeder (tighter and looser). Blown out the knurled bolt with compressed air. Tried different filament. (Colors and manufacturers). Printed slower - as slow as 25mm/s. Tried higher temperatures. (up to 225C with PLA) I've included a few photos so you can see what I am experiencing.
  12. I just got my dual extrusion kit installed! I've tried 2 different prints so far. It seems that the first layer prints incorrectly. It appears like the software doesn't take into account the offset of the print heads. After the first layer, so far, mine looks like it is printing properly. Any ideas on how to get the first layer back to where it needs to be? Thanks!
  13. I just installed and tried running Netfabb on my Mac. The icon appears, then immediately disappears. I found this in the console log: 8/26/13 13:19:11.281 com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[282]: (com.company.netfabb.Ultimaker.25376[32673]) Exited with code: 217 Any ideas? thanks!
  14. I've hooked up a relay to turn my heated bed on and off. However... Now, my fan output and my "hot bed" terminals only are outputting about 3.5Volts. I am guessing that I probably fried something when messing with hooking up my relay. Any ideas on what I could have broken so that these things are only outputting 3.5V instead of 12V? Thanks!
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