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  1. It works best now, I printed this thing. www.thingiverse.com/thing:17027/#files But thank you very much again.
  2. I fixed this now with the fan. Thank you very much for helping me to solve the problem. After this one I got another one.... The cable from the extruder always goes out of the fixation. I don't know how to solve this, maybe you can help me with this one out too, would be great, I think this is not a great problem. But thanks again, you were very helpful!
  3. You can see the pictures of the extruder in appendix. If those pictures don't satisfy your needs, I can take other photographs. I found another setting page in cura, which one do you think I should activate?
  4. I still have the original fan on it. I found the lines in the gcode but if I change these, I have to change them everytime I print a new piece or what? You were right, the temperature after the fan runs falls down to under 170 degrees, and then the fan turns of. I would give you some more additional details but I don't know exactly what you need.
  5. It works!! There is a problem with the fan but I don't know how to change the settings or even what I should change. I mechanicaly blocked the fan and it works. It would be great to know how to change this without blocking it manually But thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate your help!!
  6. I also tried to do print it directly from the pc, but it failed at the same point. I also tried with different samples, even samples that worked previously. It's a bit bizarre because it always stops to extrude from the second layer on. and this with every sample I tried.
  7. a) umo board fan is working b) cables are all plugged in Manually extrude also works.
  8. I'm sorry! It's the same link as before. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rcsml9umkt96smx/AACwC_Zmjc1UUXgPcLaB5dM7a?dl=0 Many thanks!
  9. You will find the gcode file in the dropbox as well. https://www.dropbox.com/...1UUXgPcLaB5dM7a?dl=0
  10. Hello, I made a video to show what's happening. I hope that you can see enough. It is actually clear to see that the feeding motor doesn't turn at all. Video: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rcsml9umkt96smx/AACwC_Zmjc1UUXgPcLaB5dM7a?dl=0 I prepared the model also by two different CAD programs to see if there was a problem with the file. This wasn't the case. I hope to find some answers to the problem.
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