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  1. sorry forgot to specify. it was printed with .8 shell thickness actually. .4 was the top/bottom layer thickness. in this case 10% enough?
  2. Here are some photos. Started out well...after a while the infills got so bad that it clumps up. had to pause and intervene. Then it repaired and went sooo well, got my hopes up then the head happened. Holes visible at the top. here are my settings. they seem sound... .1 layer height print temp 220 speed 70 1.73diameter .4 layer thickness fill density 10% with raft infill speed 70 min layer time 5
  3. oh sorry, miscalculated the z but i think no problem since my prints coming out great lately. I however tried printing in with .1 layer height and got quite poor results. There are holes again... This is due to?
  4. Z position Inches(calipers) millimeters Difference in mm 0 4.421 112.2934 3.5687 4 4.2805 108.7247 3.9497 8 4.125 104.775 4.064 12 3.965 100.711 4.064 16 3.805 96.647 4.0132 20 3.647 92.6338 3.81 24 3.497 88.8238 3.937 28
  5. how fast can you guys print? is 50mm/s considered slow?
  6. What is the effect of FAN DUCT? Does this improve the print? i see people using cones/donut shaped ducts, whats the concept behind it? is there a difference or is the stock fan enough?
  7. lubricated the z-axis(i think this is whats causing the inaccurate z movement), tweaked settings based on your suggestions. the z-axis was the crucial one. Usually on mildly overhanging corners. but sometimes also happening on vertical corners. What is cause for both?
  8. Ok, now have nice prints! thanks. Height also seems closer now to real one. Problem i have is im printing PLA, and the corners of some layers are curling up. therefore after some time, the next layer will go overboard and create lines on outside finish. How to solve this? PLA sticking well to the bed.
  9. Alright, I tried to fix it. but still for this example, i got 12.2mm actual measurement against 15mm. This is okay now? Is it normal not to get the exact measurement shown in STL? the print turned out better btw. will post some pictures later.
  10. Hello these are pics of column and box prints as you suggested. Also made tweaks to profile but still have some mess...now printing at 195 and minimum layer 7 Filament comes out at 150-160C is this weird? Printed the box at 180C. Now i noticed my model is 20x20x20. Have measure by calipers the actual model size is 20.8X20.8X11.24mm! How can this be?
  11. I added more pictures. and that is the reason why i have to print infills slower..i think, When it prints at same printspeed(50mm) it will miss some spots and then get worse over time as the height goes up(as you can see), Anyway to correct this? Im confused why infills should go faster than print speed. Lol, so sorry gr5. i wasnt able to answer you. yes the fan is good. What other reason could it be? Early layers are GOOD at least for me, arent they? Oh was able to accurately(from calipers) measure filament diameter @ 1.67-1.7, i put the value at 1.68. Btw, gr5 advised against minim
  12. Ok, now owl become a little bit better thanks to your suggestions but still not good enough. There are oozing PLA, I think my printer is struggling to print details (feathers). How come? Im now printing at 200C, 14%infill, 30density, speed 50, infill speed 20, layer time 0, travel 65, minimum layer time 0. filament diameter 1.71, 100%flow
  13. Hi. Any value I put into line count doesn't increase when I print. Is this a bug?? It goes only once around then starts the raft My extruder is not primed properly Without line count so I really need it. Help?
  14. Yes i use 1.75, apparently it was modified because this is the only filament size available in our area.
  15. Hi, I just received an Ultimaker second hand from a friend. He rarely uses it. The extruder keeps on getting the bits of PLA layed down stick back up. Then subsequently makes a blotchy mess because it gets deposited in clumps randomly I know it isnt the gcode Z height because the raft seems to be ok. What is the cause of this? how to correct? Kindly refer to OWL image in the album.
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