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  1. hi Daid, Recently, i research the Cura engine, which is a great work. And i have one question. When merge the redundant point, you use the ' int hash = ((p.x + MELD_DIST/2) / MELD_DIST) ^ (((p.y + MELD_DIST/2) / MELD_DIST) << 10) ^ (((p.z + MELD_DIST/2) / MELD_DIST) << 20);'. Could you tell me the logic of this? Thanks for all your hard work. Cheers, neo
  2. hi, i want to print the support material with the 2nd extruder in a dual extrusion, and i enable the " support dual extrusion". But, it does`t work. I mean, the Gcode is no change, liking the sigle extruder generate. thang you !
  3. yeah, i have this problem, too. I have to reset the Ulticontroller. it is ok. But, i dont know how to solve it.
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