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  1. Hi TSAD thanks for your post. Nice to hear that I'm not the only one. I didn't have time so far to check further if it's really that transistor, so I used an external fan. (We finally got some summer weather, so I had to stay outside... ) But if I find out anything more I will post it in this discussion. kr
  2. Läuft der Lüfter mittlerweile? Ich habe das gleiche Problem, Lüfter läuft gar nicht. Scheint bei mir ein kaputter Transistor zu sein... muss das aber noch überprüfen. Weil der Lüfter würde gehen mit externer Quelle, und eingeschaltet ist er über Ultimaker auch...
  3. Hallo bei mir dasselbe: habe letzthin mit dem Soft-PLA gedruckt. Richtige Justierung des Druckkopfes bewirkt Wunder: Kopf muss Platte gerade so touchieren. Danach hält das zeugs zu fest, ich kriegs fast nicht mehr los, ohne das Klebeband auch abzulösen. Werde es wohl mal ohne versuchen...
  4. OK, would it be the transistor BD679 with 3 pins, directly beside the fan plug? So I would try to order it somewhere and to fix it by myself. Or can I check, if really this transistor is broken by installing some kind of workaround (get the voltage before the transistor or sth like that).
  5. Hi, Thanks again for your valuable help! Now I think I understand how this fan should work :-) To answer your questions: 1: Fan doesn't run at all at this plug. 2: If I measure the voltage while plugged in, I get something like 2.4V. No Current (0A). In the meanwhile, I installed a external fan with external powersource, so I can print with pla. I tried also without fan and it works ok.
  6. Thanks for the incredibly fast response. I always measured the voltage between black and red. How can I measure it with only one wire? (I have a voltmeter, but are not so experienced with it ... ;-) ) I think it's interesting, that the voltage is not correlating to the given rpm's. so, voltage for 70 rpm (m106 S70) is higher then for 200 rpm... it seems to have no correlation between voltage and rpms. I use the printrun to communicate with the Ultimaker.
  7. Hi I just assemblet my new ultimaker and it worked fine so far, except the heater head cooling fan doesn't want to run. Signal was sent by gcode. So I checked the following: Fan runs if I connect plug to external source. As well as to the cooling fan connector on the pcb for the fan on the bottem, So, fan and wiring can not be broken. I checked voltage on the connector for this fan, and depending on the Speed i define, I have voltages between 14V and 19V. Even if I turn of the fan by gcode. So it seems to me, that I have voltage, but somehow the wrong one. I also tried with other fans, t
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