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  1. Hi, Just a few ideas here, pretty sure that at least one or more has already been mentioned, but thought i'd add some support for them: - Different infills (e.g. Octagonal for it's strength and easy cover except that it feels like it's shaking your machine to bits) - Ability to select when a support is added based on the angle (like in KS) - Option to move the extruder head inside a loop before retracting filament (to the fill area). Not sure if this is just something i'm doing wrong but my circles/loops often have marks on the outside surface where the extruder stops for a second whils
  2. Success! The last couple of prints I tested came out looking great, I've attached a photo of the machine finishing off the pyramid Thanks again to everyone for their great help, especially Sander from Ultimaker support for spending time on the telephone with me and great suggestions. All the comments from everyone have been really helpful and I learned a lot. In the end, the problem appeared to be a combination of things, one of the big differences was that the end part of the fan duct was too vertical and the flap needed pointing more towards print head. (You can see the change in the
  3. Hi, Thanks to everyone for your help! I tried a couple more prints (at: 0.2mm/7s/fan on) and also rebuilt the feeder mechanism at the back (including readjusting the spring). The feeder spring is the v4 type so it is set at around 13/15mm (any more might damage the plastic part). My prints still appear to be loosing quality at about half way, the first part looks great but after that it gets a bit messy. I checked the fan during the print and it seemed to be going on/off normally. In case this might help, I've attached a few second video of the printing process and a photo of the fini
  4. Hi all! I recently finished building my new Ultimaker (V4) and was trying to print a hollow pyramid from thingverse to check the calibration etc.. The first part of the print went fine but after about half way, the quality started to deteriorate and the I could see the 4 pillars of the print flexing as the extruder head added layers. I cancelled the print shortly after and have attached a picture link to show the result. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Photo: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxPwG0OapUqjdl9mVFRfaW5nQkk/edit?usp=sharing The settings I used are as follows: Cu
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