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  1. Spot on! :oops: (she's my fiancé since just over 2 months now! ) https://www.dropbox.com/sc/nc5tzgj0hsapmeu/ki8PYzvoGS Here it is! Little sidenote: The video is my ar. drone flying a bit on location(weather was bad, so a retake will be done when the sun comes back in the netherlands), those stacked containers will be the main FabLab workspace (in buildup phase), the yellow container will be a movable workspace (already operational). extra info: the FabLab will be open every fridays from 3PM till 6PM or under appointment with info@kaasfabriek.nl
  2. FabLab is called Kaasfabriek (cheese factory) since Friday i signed up with them as a volunteer
  3. I understand, but that's why I am searching locally. so the person knows where I live and maybe build it together but then again I might be just naïve and really easy trust people
  4. Hey guys, Since it will take a while before I got saved up enough of money to buy my own, I was wondering if there is anyone willing to let me build his/her UM. (free of charge, only shipping costs) I want to do this so I can record everything on video, and just because I think that it would be fun to do! but since I live in North Holland (Alkmaar region) you might consider building it yourself if your living in a different country (due to shipping costs ).
  5. isn't it an idea to add an mechanism that lifts the inactive extruder for just about 5 mm or something which eliminates the effect for it to smear the "drip" on the printed model. (i think this can be possible by adding 2 servo's, but i do not know if the main control board can support 2 extra outputs)
  6. James, for "prototyping" software i am told Solid Edge is the software to go! (still on my to-do list to learn) since inventor is not really that great if you are still in the designing phase of a construction. That said: inventor is still the most adopted software our customers (from my engineering bureau) use. mainly because you can buy it with a discount in combination with AutoCAD and 3D studio max. One of the things i do at work is working with a Faro Photon 120 3D Laser scanner and editing 3D pointclouds into workable models <Snap! cant post pictures!! URL:http://s203.photobucket.com/user/FrANTICxl/media/Naamloos.png.html> (a small example of an processed 3D scan made by me, rendered in Inventor 2012 with raytracing (on the ribbon: view tab) on highest quality) Currently though i am interested into starting a new "hobby", like making instruction videos for small engineering projects, since i cant do this at work, and not for customers we have at my office, i will aim this more into startups and household-engineers.. and do this in spare time. hopefully i can extend this plan.. but at its current state i can not yet reveal to much. (tough i'd love to do a brainstorm session on skype with people who are really interested but it is not yet mature enough for public forums). Also i am still looking for an affordable Laser cutter for wood, plastics, cardboard and papers. and a 3D scanner with a decent resolution. if someone is building one of these and needs some feedback about it don't hesitate to ask!! you can contact me on: PM linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/robin-van-der-molen/21/5b1/920 or Skype: franticxl
  7. Hello all, im Robin van der Molen an dutch (mechanical) engineer. for a living i make technical drawings (and models) of all sorts of buildings, machines etc. Since about 5 - 6 years ago I came in contact with 3D printing, but back then you would have to pay an small fortune for that kind of equipment. but recently I realized 3D printing was growing in quality, speed and affordability! I have to admit: I still do not yet own a 3D printer, but it is on my wishlist (high priority! ^^). With this machine I hope to do some household engineering, like optimising current machines and do some goofy normally impossible products. (and I am a warhammer fan!! ^^) Software I work with: Inventor AutoCAD Solidworks Rapidform Experimenting with: Blender Rhinoceros Cura Are there owners living in the neighbourhood of Alkmaar (noord-holland)? I'd love to see the printer in action since the local Fablab doesn't respond to my mails :(
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