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  1. Ok, thanks guys. Is the new glass filled coupler supposed to last longer? or will it eventually need changing too?
  2. says here they've improved the coupler... what's the difference? https://ultimaker.com/en/products/spare-parts
  3. oh... just found this thread http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/8632-atomic-cleaning-the-teflon-ring/
  4. Hi guys, I blew the dust off the UM2 to do some prints last week, and have been having nothing but failed prints, all due to under extrusion. I have some spare couplers, so might as well change it out, but before I do, are there any instructuions on how to do it? I've never pulled the nozzle apart before. I did do a search, but it's didnt give me a specific topic on the subject. Cheers.
  5. Long time no update... still some bits to do, but getting there.
  6. its about 440mm long, just primed and wet sanded, finish isn't perfect, but good enough for a maquette.
  7. Been a while since I've posted anything... finally glued this together https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYyAHgi962E&list=UUByf1gRoFkBQyoZsaVeC7WA&index=1
  8. These look amazing! nice finishing on Iron Man, is that 1:1?
  9. that's very impressive! a lot of work in that, each part correctly oriented too, looks great!
  10. thanks guys... weird, not sure what page I was on last night, but latest version was 14.03
  11. Is 14.03 still the current version? I tried it several months back and it was buggy, also produced surface artifacts, I'm still using 14.01. I just went to download a new version, hoping there'd be one, and it's still 14.03... what's the go? Cheers.
  12. No, I found them on Etsy, but I'm keen to make my own.
  13. Looks great, scan looks good too, what did you use to scan it?
  14. Hey guys, this is not my model, or my print. It was however, printed on a UM2 by a company called Ownage. The UM2 was given to them in collaboration with CG student awards to print the student trophy. This was the winning entry. Can anyone recognise that support structure? ownage typically use high end printers, so it's possible it was sliced in something else, I can't understand why they'd choose to print the base at an angle like that, unless it was to avoid internal overhangs, allowing a hollow print, also possible, that the supports are completely custom, each part has it's own flat base
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