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  1. Thanks for the downloads, that's worth a shot. Still I would prefer the Aluminium fan duct but this design is looking good too...
  2. I called UM and asked them but they said that they didn't sell it as a loose item. It is not the same as the UM2 because that one has 2 fans.
  3. Recently I installed a heated bed kit in my UM original. But the fan holder that I printed myself with PLA could not resist the head from the heated bed. I would love to buy the Aluminium fan holder that comes with the UM original if you buy it now and you could see here: https://www.ultimaker.com/pages/our-printers/ultimaker-original but I can't because UM doesn't sell it. Hopefully, when they see the responses to this topic, UM changes their opinion and start selling the Aluminium fan holder as a spare part. So thumbs up and respond to this topic if you want one too! Thanks
  4. 3Defy You are my Hero... She works again. A true dirty hack but who cares. Thanks so much!!!
  5. Thanks so much Anon4321, I installed the HB and printed one model. All worked fine!!! Then next day cura wants to update itself and I let her do it. She asked me what kind of printer I have. I thought UM Original+ (for +updates, like a heated bed). After that my UM controller went blue. Hence this page...
  6. I tried all of the suggested and have no good results. Still TIMEOUT Also called whit UM and they are busy with this subject. They let me know tomorrow what they will do...
  7. Arlee, "On the same Tools menu, go to Serial Port and select the serial to which your printer is connected." On my MacBook Pro, using a USB cable, witch serial would that be?
  8. Thanks Anon4321, This morning I didn't know what a Arduino was ( just to clarify my level of understanding ). I disconnected the Arduino from the motherboard, hooked it up via USB cable to my laptop and tried to install firmware on it through Cura. (No luck with this) Is this what you mean with: "you will need to flash through the Arduino IDE."? If not, could you be more specific and tell me exactly witch part of that long thread I need to try. Thanks again...
  9. Thanks ChrisR, That's a lot of settings but tried all of them without any luck... Thanks anyway... Something els I could try? Anyone?
  10. Thanks ChrisR, I have a Ultimaker original not a UM2. I it smart to try anyway? And the thread is long, which part should I try? thanks again
  11. For people that don't read Dutch, -Updating with other computer doesn't work. -Disconnecting Heated Bed upgrade kit and updating without, doesn't work. -Disconnecting UM controller and updating, no luck. -Disconnecting Arduino from motherboard and hooking it up to computer via USB cable (without power supply) and trying to update firmware through Cura... Cura says: "failed to write firmware, TIMEOUT". So, Not solved jet! Anybody with a smart idea?
  12. This is the response (in Dutch) I had from Marrit from UM: (See my response underneath...) Hallo Stephan, Mijn collega Zenalda heeft me gevraagd om je verder te helpen. Vervelend om te horen dat het niet meer lukt om de firmware te updaten. Ik weet niet of dit te maken heeft met de heated bed upgrade, misschien is het gewoon toevallig dat het sinds dat moment niet meer werkt. Het feit dat de firmware niet meer kan worden geüpdatet kan te maken hebben met de computer, Arduino of het groene moederbord. Als eerste zou ik aanraden het even via een andere computer te proberen; dat is namelijk
  13. And did anyone solve this problem? Yesterday I was still happily printing with my new heated bed and today she died? I will not believe that...
  14. Hello Hero's I work on a mac powerbook with OS X 10.9.5 installed. Updating my UM original with a heated bed kit yesterday, I saw today there was a newer Cura available. Installing it, I let Cura install the marlin software on the printer. But something went wrong there! The printer software is not installed correctly and Cura can't connect to the printer now. If I disconnect the USB cable and restart the printer the controller just shows a bleu screen! I tried in Cura to add a new machine hoping it would install the marlin firmware again but it can't connect although the USB cable is connec
  15. Thanks again both of you, so helpful. I print on 5 cm wide blue 3M tape and tried to attach it as firm as I could of course but the alcohol, glue stick, and skirt I'm trying now. And about putting the UM in a heated chamber, you're probably right, and I have some alternatives now to at least try first. BUT I too can't wait until UM comes with a HB upgrade for my 3 month old UM1. If I only knew I had to wait 3 months for a UM2 with HB.
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