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  1. There is a very slight difference when the layer height is halved. If you change layer height, definitely do a partial test print and adjust the model. Also, as gr5 mentioned, the adjustment is different for horizontal holes, because the bridge portion tends to flatten the top a tiny bit and the plastic is shrinking in a different direction. Plus, depending on the size of the hole, your filament, and your print temperature, the amount of flattening changes. So, it's more of an art than a science. Test prints are your best friend. :-P
  2. Sadly, building things from melted plastic strings isn't very accurate. Plastic shrinks as it cools from a liquid state. What I've had to do when I needed precise holes was to do two or three prints to determine the measurement I need to send to the printer which corresponds to the size I actually need. For example, when I need an 8mm diameter hole, I design it as 8.4mm and send it to the printer. It prints out as 8mm. It was just a trial and error thing to figure out what design measurement to use in order to achieve the required real world measurement. After a bit, I just started remembering
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