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  1. Thanks. I had the impression no-one had tested it yet but if it should work, I'll risk a few bucks... Trying tnight. Kees
  2. Adding to this discussion, I had exactly the same problem and the solution was exactly the same: it seems that sometimes there was a slight problem with the side panels shipped ~may 2013. Replacing them with a new set did not help (panels had the same problem, but I only discovered that after mounting) and then a third set of panels (shipped free by UM) cured the problem and made my prints much better. Lesson: this is not all that uncommon. Check your panels and especially make sure the X and Y axis are level. The easiest way to check: if the bed leveling does not work out (in one corner, the printed line is too thick or thin) you should suspect this problem. After some back-and-forth emailing, solved well by UM support. Kees
  3. Hi all, is there any progress on this issue yet? I desperately need to control UM I from a tablet running android. Thanks, keep up the good work, Kees
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