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  1. With Cura Version 13.04 i have no problems; its printing fine this time. Marc
  2. I also have weird problems, especially with big designs (diameter 20 cm) The preview in cura is perfect, but it prints a complete different object. I have no pictures yet, but will try to make some. First problem is a large disk, with a hole in the middle and a cylinder around the hole. Preview in Cura is perfect. Everything is printed fine, except the hole. Using a dremel i could repair this. Second is a huge cylinder (20 cm diameter, 10 cm high). Preview in cura is perfect. From 0.2 mm on it tries to fill the inner side of the cylinder which it should not do. Tried with different settings but all give the same result. Trying with version 13.04 of Cura now. Will post the results. Marc
  3. Update: After my last post i was contacted by Ultimaker and they arranged a pick-up for my printer. A week later i had it back and now it finally works like it should ! I can print large flat surfaces without problems. Thanks guys ! You did a good job. The only regrettable thing is it took so long. Please continue making great tools ! Marc
  4. After a lot of searching i found that the cover is attached with screws also. They are not mentionned in the manual and you can only see them on the pictures if you know where to look. Anyway, i had it with the ultimaker 2. I launched a critical ticket on the 17th of july with the question if i can send the printer back so Ultimaker can take a look at it to correct this problem. No answer so far. My commercial loss is already over 10 000 € (and that is an understatement). I'm going to look for another printer that has good support. Marc
  5. I have the manual, but that cover is pushed over the axes and even with a screwdriver i cant get it off. I'm afraid to damage it also. Marc
  6. I can't get the protection cover off (Dibond Plate). Anyone had done this before and knows the trick ? Marc
  7. So i finally could do some tests. With the new rod, it is better, but not solved. So i did the following: I took off the glass plate and used pronterface to test the surface smoothness, and as expected, in the right back corner, i cannot move the paper under the nozzle, where i can in the other corners. So my conclusion is that the xyz table is not perfectly horizontal. Ultimaker could have easily solved this by also using two screws in the back of the table instead of one. They presume the table is completely horizontal, but it isn't. No idea how to solve this. I think i'll have to take this printer apart and reassemble that part. Marc
  8. The rod did not arrive yet ! :???: No answers on my email either for tracking number...
  9. Ticket ID #RAN-146-84868 I'll recheck the glass to be 100% sure. Marc
  10. Hi Sander, I dont have a ticket ID. I sent a mail to sales@ultimaker.com and a mail to support@ultimaker.com. If you want i can make a ticket if that would speed things up. Marc
  11. As usual no answer on my emails to buy a new rod. :sad: If i had known this before ... Marc
  12. yes, a very little bit, but enough to provoke these symptoms i guess. Marc
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